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Why is search engine optimization important? Investing in SEO as part of your complete digital marketing strategy will provide your business with an accumulation of measurable benefits.

1. boost local traffic

For many brands with a digital presence, being strong in your local market is important to their business success. Optimizing your Google My Business page and local keywords will put you on the Google Map Back, driving local traffic to your website first.

2. improve your credibility

Successful SEO means your brand becomes more trustworthy from an SEO standpoint, which will boost high quality traffic to your website even further.

3. provide measurable success

With the right analytical tools and KPIs put into place, your brand will be able to measure the success of SEO tactics better than many other digital marketing methods.

4. promote your brand 24/7

One of the advantages of SEO is that it works around the clock to promote your website. Google doesn’t sleep and therefore your brand will be promoted to those late night) or far away visitors 24/7.

5. increase brand awareness

Being seen more often will increase your overall brand awareness. The more searchers see your website, the more likely they will remember you when it comes time for them to convert.

6. generate more organic leads

Of SEO’s benefits for business, high-quality organic leads will increase because search engines are placing your website in front of the right people. You’ll see an increase in your web traffic becoming real leads for your business.

7. strengthen your digital presence

New to online marketing? SEO is one of the fastest and easiest way to define your digital presence. Even better, you’ll solidify the brand recognition you desire without the need to over advertise.

8. decrease your marketing costs

After a cost-efficient upfront cost for the SEO itself, the benefits of SEO optimization begin instantly and will decrease your overall marketing costs over time. SEO targets visitors who are actively searching you’re a business/website just like yours – which means you won’t have to go out and find them with expensive advertising, they’ll come to you.

9. promote your company long-term

Have you ever found a Google search result listing at the top of the page that dates back to 2012 and beyond? We all have. Once SEO has begun working for you, it will continue to promote your brand long-term. As long as you’re keeping your website up to date and free of spam, Google and other search engines will continue to work for you years from now.

10. deliver a clear ROI

Not only will you be able to see a clear ROI from your SEO itself, but your business will begin to see a decrease in overall costs and an increase in investments in other departments of your brand.

11. target your entire sales funnel

With the right SEO tools, Google will drive organic traffic to any page on your website and even bring back previous visitors who have yet to complete the sales funnel. It’s one of the great benefits of search engine marketing.

12. increase the success of your PPC advertising

Strong organic traffic has been proven to increase your click-through rate of your PPC advertising. Ranking higher in search engine pages means your PPC (pay per click) ads will be seen by more relevant viewers, increasing the likelihood of clicking.

benefits of seo

importance of seo for business

SEO advantages over most channels are known worldwide

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Measurable results

The best part about SEO as part of your overall digital marketing strategy is that is completely measurable with the right tools put in place. You’ll know without a doubt whether your website it reaping from the benefits of search engine optimization with trackable, real-time analytics and KPIs.

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Accessibility across all devices

WhooSEO will not only maximize your SEO optimization for desktop users, but also with advanced techniques to optimize web traffic from all devices, including mobile and smart speakers.

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Customizable SEO packages

We know no two brands are the same. The services you need will differ from even those of your closest competitors. WhooSEO offers customizable packages so you can tailor your services to your needs and budget.

Why is SEO important?

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Around 93% of all web traffic is done through search engines – and, those websites that make it to the first SERP (search engine page result) gets 70% of the clicks. This means that the importance of SEO in digital marketing is huger than ever. Without expert SEO, your business is going to get washed away from those that have put in the effort to maximize their search engine potential.

Many brands wonder how important is SEO and are unsure whether investing in a strong SEO strategy will be fruitful for their bottom line. In today’s fiercely competitive digital world, having a powerful SEO strategy at your disposal will greatly increase your company’s visibility and keep your services relevant and at the top of the mind of your target audience.

Still curious how SEO benefits your business? Reach out for a conversation with a member of the team, by submitting an SEO consultation request.

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