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Do you own a business in Edmonton? Would you like to make powerful search engines like Google and Bing promote your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Do you want to be the first thing people in Festival City see when they search for the products and services you provide?

Then you need our Edmonton SEO experts on your side. It doesn’t matter if you are the newest business in Strathcona County, an established business downtown, or are entirely online. Our Edmonton SEO services bring your business:

-More paying customers
-Greater online traffic
-Better brand visibility
-All with an incredible return on investment

WhooSEO is the leading Edmonton SEO agency. We can bring you success in Alberta and beyond with our top-of-the-line tools and experienced team.

edmonton seo

1. We Offer Top-Tier Edmonton Professional SEO Services

85% of all online traffic comes from search engines. That’s an eye-opening number. You might be asking yourself how you can capitalize on all that traffic.

It all comes down to your ranking on search engines results pages (SERPs). By some estimates, the first page of an internet search captures 71 to 92% of clicks.

To understand why ranking in SERPs is so important, think about how you use sites like Google. When you search for something on the internet, you tend to pick a link that you can see on the first page — usually one of the first three. You hardly navigate to the second or third page. Everyone else in Edmonton is doing the exact same thing.

And those visitors make a difference in your business. 76% of people who did a local search using their smartphones end up visiting a local business within a day.

Our local SEO services for Edmonton businesses use a wide range of research-based practices that put you in the top spot — driving organic traffic to your website.

But we don’t stop at getting your site views. We turn your website into a conversion machine. That’s why we’re seen as one of the best Edmonton SEO agency.

2. How can WhooSEO’s SEO marketing for Edmonton businesses benefit you?

Edmonton is famous as one of Canada’s sunniest cities, and the sun definitely shines on the local economy. Local businesses flourish from all the many festivals and their position in the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. As the fifth largest city in the country and the capital of Alberta, with a young and fast growing population, there is a ton of opportunity here.

If you want to be the next big thing operating in the City of Champions, you need a marketing strategy that fits with the times. You can’t expect to succeed today by doing things the same way they were done twenty years ago.

SEO is the perfect tool to promote your business because it takes advantage of the universal use of sites like Google.

It can help you in international business and also focus on local SEO for Edmonton.

Plus, SEO scales easily. A smart strategy can grow with your business as it moves into Calgary, throughout Alberta, or even into the US.

Let’s breakdown the benefits our Edmonton SEO consultants can deliver even further:

We supercharge your brand visibility

Your brand is everything. Edmonton SEO marketing grows brand visibility like no other marketing can. We will get more people to see your brand on the leading search engine rankings. Along with that, your business can earn more trust and credibility from prospects. The brand recognition and credibility we offer can help you to take your business to greater heights with ease.

We give you massive increases in online and in-store traffic

When you secure the top spot on search engines for a particular keyword, you get 53% of all the organic traffic it generates. As an Edmonton SEO company, we will be able to secure higher rankings to your business website on the search engines and increase your traffic — focusing on people in your area.

We understand that you don’t just want success for a week or a month. You need an SEO campaign that continues to deliver into the long term. That’s why we will continuously monitor your traffic with Google Analytics and many other tools to make sure that your traffic is increasing day by day.  In time, you’ll dominate the search engines.

We deliver all this with an incredible return on investment (ROI)

The investment you make into digital marketing can deliver meaningful, long lasting returns. We deal in making a real difference in the future of your business, and our team will always make sure that you are getting the maximum return on your investment.

3. Why do you need our Edmonton SEO specialists?

When you hire us as your SEO agency in Edmonton, your business gets access to bespoke services in organic marketing, including:

Edmonton Local SEO

What many people don’t know is that SEO can target local potential customers with precision. That means you don’t just get more web traffic, but you get your name in front of people in your area looking for the products and services you provide.

We will work together on your NAP and generate local citations to solidify your presence in the local SERPs. We use highly effective tools and tactics that are normally reserved for national accounts — helping you soar above the competition with the best local SEO in Edmonton.

Reliable keyword research and on-site optimization

Keywords are a crucial element in successful digital marketing. It drives content strategies and is make or break for online success. But not all keywords have the same value. And care needs to be taken in choosing which keywords to compete on, from coveted short-tailed keywords to the more specialized long-term keywords.

Our team uses powerful tools to find the right keywords for you, including:

– Semrush
– Majestic
– Brightedge
– Ahrefs
– Semrush
– And more

Our Edmonton SEO experts will multiply the power of your keywords with on-page optimization.

SEO support customized for your business

Your business is unique, and a generalized approach won’t help you rank in Edmonton SEO. That’s why WhooSEO always takes the time to develop a customized approach to SEO. We begin with a thorough study of your business from the floor up, and we craft a strategy around your exact needs. That customized approach and attention to detail is what makes us a quality local SEO vendor in Alberta.

Partner outreach and backlink acquisition

We carefully generate an outreach plan that amplifies your digital footprint based on available contacts, publishers and the level of competition in your space. Acquiring authoritative links within a reasonable period from relevant partners will push your digital marketing into the stratosphere — creating authority and establishing your website as the leader in your field.

Frequent in-depth reports

We regularly create data rich reports in multiple formats that clarify the progress we are making and the ways we can improve. With these valuable insights, your business will continue to grow. Reports address specific measurements, focusing on exact elements (ie. keyword rankings vs overall traffic vs conversion etc.) to give you a comprehensive picture.

Edmonton SEO consultants that are driven by results

When you select WhooSEO, you will work closely with the most results-focused team in Edmonton. Our benchmarks are based on real results for you and your business, and we get those results through a transparent process that lets you understand exactly where your money is going. There are plenty of SEO companies in Alberta, but we stand out as the most results-driven among them.

These are some of the core services at the WhooSEO agency. Because every business is different, we will craft your campaign to your exact needs. At that point, you’ll just need to figure out how to handle all the new business.

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Hillary W. Cosmetic Surgery

WhooSEO gave us a lot of assistance and helped us think outside the box to generate new ideas, which really revolutionized our business. They are hands-on and have flawless communication. All in all, they are very good at what they do!  Click to rate this page![Total: 0 Average: 0]

Mary J. Healthcare

WhooSEO has managed to deliver on its promises and surpass our expectations. They offer transparent pricing without hidden charges or fine-print clauses. I would recommend them to anyone looking for SEO services in the healthcare sector.  Click to rate this page![Total: 0 Average: 0]


How We Deliver the Best SEO in Edmonton

If you are searching for an SEO company in Edmonton, Alberta — look no further, because you’ve found the ideal partner.

Our proven methods are chosen for their impact

Our Edmonton SEO professionals use the highest impact techniques to boost your performance in the SERPs. We have access to both time-tested methods and cutting-edge tools. We can also work with your data if available, or 3rd party historical insights along with competitor trends to help pinpoint your precise needs.

We tailor everything to your business

Our remit is always transparent, with no hidden charges. When we work together, you have our full commitment and dedication. We don’t slap together a few keywords to stuff into a blog post or two, we take the time to know your business needs, your values, and your goals.

We do whatever it takes

We drive increases in organic web traffic through both SEO fundamentals and state-of-the-art breakthroughs. But what’s more important than anything else is our grit and determination to meet every expectation of our clients.

The experience needed to get the job done

We are an SEO agency in Edmonton — we are proud of this city, and more importantly, we know how to succeed in this city. But we also have experience building national campaigns and working with companies that do business around the globe.

Whether you are looking to expand into new markets or offer new services or products, our leadership team can help.
And if you work in a highly competitive industry, our affordable SEO solutions for Edmonton businesses can be the difference maker. We have experience in tough sectors like: finance, legal, online gambling, health and insurance services.

Whatever challenges you face, the WhooSEO team will help you succeed.

Connect Today with the Best SEO Company in Edmonton

In our 21st century economy, your business can’t ignore the power of SEO. The longer you wait to catch up, the more your competition gets ahead. After all, many of your competitors are already paying for SEO promotion. The only way to succeed is to get qualified experts on your side. You need a team of experts to craft you a data-driven, research-based plan. Get started with one of the best SEO services in Edmonton, by requesting an SEO consultation. We will unleash the power of search engines for your business.