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If you are a seller on Amazon, you have to do whatever you can to rise above the rest. After all, this is the most competitive marketplace on earth. Ever. And there’s only one way to overcome the odds and become a top seller: Amazon search engine optimization (SEO).

WhooSEO’s Amazon SEO brings you more traffic and more sales by putting your product at the top of more buyer searches — both on Amazon and on search engines like Google.

The truth is, you need expert help if you really want to succeed. Most do-it-yourselfers try to implement Amazon SEO best practices, but they still can’t move the needle. What is going on?

They don’t have a dedicated Amazon SEO company that is able to go above and beyond what everyone else is doing. Think about it: if you are doing something everyone else is, how can you expect better results?

Soar above them with WhooSEO’s Amazon SEO services. Get a conversation going with our team about what we can do to boost your sales like you never thought possible.

Read on to learn more about WhooSEO and how we help Amazon sellers just like you every day.

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Increased Amazon Sales and Traffic

We blend Amazon SEO keywords, partner building, backlink creation, and technical optimization to dominate the top of relevant product searches.

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More Brand Recognition and Buyer Trust

Online shopping is all about trust. We improve your product pages and get you more sales and reviews, generating trust in buyers.

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Get a High Return on Investment (ROI)

All marketing is a question of cost versus impact. Our SEO services generate more traffic and boost your conversion rate, all for a great ROI.

Insights About Amazon SEO

All of these awesome benefits from WhooSEO’s Amazon SEO services focus on boosting your ranking on relevant searches. It is mission critical for you to improve Amazon listings — you have to rank high to get big sales numbers.

If you aren’t at the top of search results, you simply aren’t getting customers to view and buy your products. And the numbers bear this out.

Still not sure? Consider these facts about your Amazon SEO ranking:

● 90% of all online shoppers will check product prices on Amazon [1]
● 74% of online shopping searches are on Amazon [2]
● More than half of search users will click on one of the first three results
● The first page of results can get as much as 90% of all clicks

It’s clear that without the help of an Amazon SEO consultant to put you in a top position, you are missing out on the vast majority of sales.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how great your product is, how low your price, or how helpful your customer service is. If shoppers don’t see your product, they won’t buy it.

How can WhooSEO help?

Improving your titles, utilizing keywords, and uploading the right images are all essential. But they aren’t enough. To get the best results, you need an Amazon SEO strategy created by experts in the field. Our agency understands the systems in place and how to work with them, not against them.

See, the search engine built into Amazon doesn’t operate the same way that Google does. That means you can’t simply do the same old SEO strategies that you would for your own website. Many people make that mistake, and they pay the price.

There are two key features to Amazon listing optimization:
1. Strong use of keywords, images, and tags
2. Building a great sales record and earning high ratings

That sets up a dilemma.

Without number one, you can’t get to number two. But without number two, it just doesn’t matter how strong number one is — you’ll still be way behind your competitors. See, for the Amazon search engine, sales and reviews are the most important factor.

It’s a problem that most sellers never overcome. That’s because they never hired an Amazon SEO agency with a track record of success. They never hired our team.

Our team knows how to help you succeed on the Amazon search engine by improving both key metrics at the same time. We integrate a full spectrum approach, using the latest tools and techniques to put your products at the top of all relevant buyer searches. We tackle both on-site and Google SEO for Amazon products — bringing you more customers, fast.

Of course, we include Amazon title optimization and craft sparkling product descriptions. But unlike many other agencies, we know that this isn’t enough on its own. We go big, making a huge impact that search engines simply can’t ignore.

With this work in place, now you are in a feedback loop that pushes your sales higher all the time. Because once you are at the top of search rankings, you get more sales and more reviews — securing your top position. And now you have the optimization on your product pages that finds your potential buyers and converts them into paying customers.

WhooSEO’s Amazon SEO Services

At WhooSEO, we build strong campaigns using a variety of powerful services, including:

● Research: We run an in-depth analysis on multiple factors, like your competitors, potential buyers, and your own performance. This gives us key insights that guide everything we do.

● Amazon SEO Audit: We look at what you are doing now, making sure to find the critical errors that are damaging your ranking. We also find where your strengths are, so we can build on them.

● Amazon Listing Optimization: Your listing needs to work well on search engines and convert visitors into buyers. Without both, you don’t make a sale. We add high quality photos that improve your conversion rate, craft your description and title, and more. And we do it in a way that builds trust in the person reading about your product.

● Amazon Seller Profile: Believe it or not, you’ll make more sales with a great seller profile. It is especially key early on, when you haven’t built up the reviews and sales numbers that people can rely on.

● Acquire Amazon Reviews: Reviews are the biggest single factor for improving your Amazon performance. And the website is incredibly good at spotting and flagging fake reviews. Don’t worry, we have you covered here, as well.

● Off-site SEO and Partners: No Amazon ranking service can rely entirely on the website itself. You need to go above and beyond, attracting partners to feature your products and link to them.

When we carry out these services, WhooSEO avoids conspicuous black-hat tactics. That means everything we do is in compliance with Amazon’s terms and conditions. Many so-called “experts” can boost your sales for a while, but pretty soon your seller profile is shut down due to rule violations. You can’t afford that.

Why choose WhooSEO for your Amazon Product SEO?

Amazon can be a great way to earn a lot of money as a seller, but with so many products available, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. We help you stand out with our top-tier Amazon listing optimization service.

Each Amazon SEO expert on our team is dedicated to deliver you massive growth and realize your full potential.

And that’s vital. The competition is simply too fierce to make it without professional Amazon seller SEO. Luckily, WhooSEO knows how to position you for success even in the most competitive departments and product niches.

We combine reliable tactics with the latest breakthrough techniques and state-of-the-art tools. We track and monitor all the trends influencing your product ranking, and we use these insights to maximize your performance. That way, you don’t have to worry about Amazon SEO optimization, you just have to worry about handling all your new business.

Ready to become a top seller? Then you are ready for WhooSEO. Contact us today about our Amazon search optimization services. Simply submit the SEO consultation request. Our experts can’t wait to learn more!

Frequently asked questions


Does Amazon use SEO?

Product listings on Amazon SERPs (search engine results pages) use SEO to rank pages. If you want customers to find your product listing on page 1 for popular search terms, then you need SEO optimization to improve their rankings. The SEO algorithm is based on various factors, which includes keywords, conversion metrics and sales performance.

What does Amazon Stand for?

Amazon is not an acronym, which means the individual letters do not stand for anything. Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer and it accounts for more than 50% of the sales in the United States. Jeff Bezos was inspired by the Amazon rainforest, which could have led to the creation of the title.

How can I improve my amazon SEO?

Improve your Amazon SEO by conducting keyword research and including them in your product listing. Don’t forget to optimize your title so it receives a high clickthrough rate. Create a good experience so that customers leave high reviews. Furthermore, choose the correct price for your product and add high quality images that stand out.

Why is SEO important on Amazon?

SEO is important on Amazon’s search engine because it determines the ranking order products appear on the search results pages. To increase your organic sales you will need to rank at the top of page one and Amazon SEO is how you get there.

Does amazon SEO also work with Google SEO?

Amazon SEO and Google SEO have a lot of similarities, so you can optimize for both at the same time. In fact, when optimizing Amazon SEO you will increase your Google rankings, which will lead to more sales. However, the algorithms for the 2 search engines are different so make sure to concentrate on Amazon SEO guidelines.

What is SEO listing on Amazon?

Amazon SEO listing refers to the process of optimizing your product listing so it ranks higher on the Amazon search engine. Your product listing can climb the ranks on Amazon search results by following common SEO practices, which includes getting more positive reviews and improving sales.

What does it mean to do SEO on Amazon?

Amazon search engine optimization is the process of improving your listing page rankings on Amazon’s search engine result pages. In practice, this means doing things like generating more positive reviews, improving product images, adding keywords to the title and improving the conversion rate.

What does ASO stand for in Amazon SEO?

ASO stands for Amazon Search Optimization and it refers to ranking an app on Amazon’s App Store. It is the process of improving your app’s ranking so that the app has higher visibility and can be found more easily.

How can I increase my Amazon SEO ranking?

You can improve your Amazon SEO ranking by conducting keyword research, managing your reviews, optimizing the title, following image guidelines, considering the price and using bullet points in descriptions.

Is there a connection between Amazon SEO and sales velocity?

Sales velocity is measured by the number of sales generated in a given month. Part of Amazon SEO is increasing the sales velocity, which shows Amazon that your product is in demand and merits higher rankings.

How does Amazon SEO work for your website?

Amazon product affiliate websites can improve visibility using SEO strategies that improve rankings. The process of SEO will improve your website search engine pages rankings and therefore get more sales.

Why is the Amazon search engine so bad?

Amazon’s search engine is not ideal because the top results are filled by sponsored ads. These ads push relevant results further down the page, which makes them harder for customers to find.