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Joomla users experience an easy-to-use platform to build their store, but in such a competitive online space, they can still suffer from low traffic. That kills sales. The best solution is search engine optimization (SEO), one of the most important marketing tools for any ecommerce site.  Joomla SEO can make the difference between a closed website and a thriving business.

But implementing a free plugin or looking up Joomla SEO tips never seems to work. So what is going on here?

They don’t have a Joomla SEO consultant who knows how to make big, lasting improvements to organic traffic and sales conversion. Instead, they are going the same easy route everyone else is. Think about it: if you are doing something everyone else is, how can you get better results?

Soar above them with WhooSEO’s Joomla SEO services. Chat with our trained team about what we can do to boost your sales like you never thought possible.

To help you understand how SEO works (and how it can work for you), we’ve put together this easy guide. Read on to learn more about WhooSEO and how we help Joomla users just like you every day.

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Increased Sales and Traffic

At WhooSEO, we blend Joomla SEO keywords, partner building, backlinks, and technical optimization to dominate relevant product searches.

More Brand Recognition and Buyer Trust

Online shopping is all about trust. We improve your product pages and get you more sales and reviews, generating trust in buyers.

Get a High Return on Investment (ROI)

All marketing is a question of cost versus impact. Our Joomla SEO service generates more traffic and boosts your conversion rate, all for a great value.

Know the Facts About Joomla SEO

If you want your ecommerce site to survive in the extremely competitive world of online shopping, you have to perform well on search engine results page (SERPs). Without landing your homepage and product pages at the top of search results, your potential customers will never find you.

Consider these facts about your ranking:

● 23.6% of all ecommerce orders are linked to search engine traffic
● 44% of people begin online shopping with a Google search
● 90% of all clicks go to links on the first page
● More than half of search users will click on one of the first three results

This data tells us that you need Joomla SEO services if you want to take advantage of the power in search engine marketing.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how great your product is, how low your price, or how helpful your customer service is. If shoppers don’t see your product, they won’t buy it.

Don’t worry. WhooSEO can help.

WhooSEO’s Joomla SEO places your website at the top of results on search engines like Google and Bing.

These search engines know that not all pages are equal, so they have a lot of ever-changing ways to measure how relevant a website is to a specific search. Using the terms entered by the user, they look around for what they think is the best fit. The websites they like the best are placed at the top of SERPs.

Do you really need a Joomla SEO agency like WhooSEO?

Joomla is an amazing open-source CMS, giving you tools to make great ecommerce stores. But no matter what Joomla SEO module you use, a site using an expert team will always outperform you.

When you have great SEO, search engines put you at the top of SERps. That’s why Joomla SEO from our firm brings in more traffic and more conversions.

For great SEO Joomla website owners need a team, not a plugin.

Our Joomla SEO experts can make the most out of this awesome platform. We rely on the best research, use state-of-the-art tools, track and monitor traffic, optimize the technical aspects of your site, and find the best Joomla SEO keywords for your specific niche.

But even after all that, we still aren’t done.

Our team sets us apart from even the best Joomla SEO template that you can find. We are dedicated to constantly developing and improving your SERP performance — finding every avenue to maximize results.

Many agencies will simply search for the best free SEO plugin for Joomla and call it a day. But ordinary efforts produce ordinary results. We go above and beyond to deliver big on your expectations.

WhooSEO’s Joomla SEO Services

We secure big results through a variety of services, including:

● Research and Analysis: We gather crucial insights into your competitors, potential customers, and your own performance. These findings guide everything we do.

● Site Audit: By looking through your website code and content, we flag critical errors that are damaging your ranking. We also discover the strengths we can build on.

● Keyword Acquisition: We find the most effective Joomla SEO keywords for you to compete on using the best tools in the industry.

● Technical SEO: We improve loading times and site mapping, optimize Joomla SEO friendly URLs and metadata, find the best product tags, and more.

● On-Site SEO: We create a range of content to drive traffic, craft stellar product descriptions, and more. This isn’t just geared at search engine algorithms — it’s compelling content for your visitors, too.

● Off-Site SEO: We build partnerships with other websites, creating meaningful backlinks that secure authority on search engines and generate organic traffic on their own.

Why choose WhooSEO as your Joomla SEO company?

Joomla is one of the best platforms out there. It’s open-source ethos means there are plenty of options for your website. But no matter how great an ecommerce store you have, it doesn’t matter if no one sees it.

WhooSEO brings you more organic traffic and converts more visitors into paying customers. We do this all at an incredibly high value proposition, with an amazing ROI.

We take care of every aspect of SEO for Joomla sites just like yours, combining reliable tactics with the latest breakthrough techniques and state-of-the-art tools. Plus, we track and monitor all the trends influencing your rankings, and we use these insights to maximize your performance. That way, you don’t have to worry about Joomla SEO, you just have to worry about handling all your new business.

Ready to become a top seller? Then you are ready for our team. Submit the SEO evaluation form, to discuss our Joomla SEO services. Our experts can’t wait to hear from you!

Frequently asked questions


Is Joomla good for SEO?

Joomla requires more initial investment in SEO but it has excellent potential to rank pages competitively in the SERPs. Joomla has SEO-friendly URLs and software that offers the features for experienced professionals to implement advanced SEO.

What is SEO in Joomla?

SEO in Joomla is the practice of improving your Joomla website rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Joomla SEO has strong features for website owners to optimize their webpages for optimal performance in the SERPs.

How can you improve your SEO in Joomla?

You can improve your Joomla SEO by fixing broken links, using rich snippets, improving page loading speed, focusing on high quality content, optimizing images, using proper meta tags, linking to high authority content and improving website usage metrics.

Can I use Yoast SEO for Joomla?

Yes, it is possible to use Yoast SEO in Joomla to improve the search engine results page rankings for your website. Joomla is a content management system that allows for easy integration of Yoast SEO to achieve higher rankings.

How can you improve your SEO in Joomla and Wordpress?

You can improve SEO in Joomla and WordPress by enabling search engine friendly URLs, using SEO plugins, improving page loading times, creating quality content, getting rid of 404 errors and hiring search engine specialists to work on your website.

Which is the SEO generator extension for Joomla?

Joomla offers an SEO extension called Article-Generator, which allows for the automatic creation of articles from a source of text. The generated article will be SEO optimized and you can set different configurations when using the extension to match your needs.

Where do I put my SEO Keyword in Joomla?

Open QuikRank from Quick and go to settings and then SEO settings. Here you can set the focus keyword and change the SEO title. Choosing one focus keyword is best to clearly signal what keyword you want to rank for.