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Google Search ranking updates

Google makes changes to its algorithm countless times a year. While most of the Google search algorithm updates are too small and go unnoticed, some updates significantly impact rankings. This page lists the most significant and latest Google updates relevant to website owners and SEOs.

Release Date


Google Updates Release History


Released the October 2022 Google spam update to improve search spam detection across all languages.


Released the September 2022 Google product review update for English-language product reviews.


Released the helpful content update aimed at rewarding valuable, people-first content.


Released the July 2022 product reviews update meant to reward high-quality product reviews.


Released the May 2022 core update that made broad changes to how Google’s ranking systems assess content.


Released the March 2022 product reviews update to improve the way Google ranks product reviews.


Released the page experience update for desktop that included signals from the mobile version of the page experience update into the ranking algorithm.


Released the December 2021 product reviews update to reward outstanding and insightful product reviews in search results.


Released the final core update of 2021. The November 2021 core update impacted websites across languages.

Popular Google Updates

What are Google Algorithm Updates?

Google uses a set of highly complex algorithms to retrieve data from its search index and deliver the best and most relevant results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The algorithms consider over 200 factors to determine the most relevant pages that offer the best content and experience for the user and rank them higher on SERPs.

To improve the quality of search results and prevent manipulation of rankings, Google makes frequent changes to its algorithm, called Google Algorithm Updates. Although Google makes thousands of updates each year, most of them do not make a significant impact on rankings. However, occasionally, the search engine rolls out major updates that affect rankings significantly, such as the Panda update, Mobilegeddon update, and the Page Experience update.

Popular questions (FAQs)


Why does Google have algorithm updates?

Google updates its algorithm to improve the quality of search results and the experience users have when they visit Google. Algorithm updates help Google show more relevant and helpful results to users.

How often is the Google search algorithm updated?

Google makes several changes to its algorithm each year. For example, in 2020, Google made over 4500 changes to search, including its ranking system and user interface. However, most of these updates had only a low impact on rankings and went unnoticed.

How do I check for Google updates?

To check if Google has updated its algorithm recently, check our Google Updates History table at the top of this page. It has been updated with information on the latest Google algorithm updates.

What are the latest Google updates?

Google’s latest update is the November 2022 spam update, aimed at improving Google’s AI-based spam detection systems.

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