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Below is a small sampling of projects we enjoyed working on this past decade, across different markets

finance case study

finance industry

The Challenge: our client ran a fairly successful global website with hundreds of thousands of members in the finance space. Then, they migrated and merged with another site as part of a relaunch. This consolidation led to a new site running on Angular JS. But thanks to a lack of preparation, the migration to Angular JS created many technical SEO problems — like losing first page ranking for top priority keywords. Plus, new subdomains were causing confusion for the sitemap.

The Solution: the most obvious and immediate problem involved all those technical SEO issues with the developer. Fixing that allowed rendering to take place. After that, the site saw the homepage and main landing pages being crawled again and cached. The second challenge required re-optimizing blog posts that used to perform well. So we went over all the basic needs to revitalize select posts, some of which were well over 2,000 words. Finally, the company wanted to promote one of its new finance-driven widgets. We were able to harvest the backlinks of a similar product which a large competitor had already deployed by examining the source code and reverse engineering the link profile. Ultimately, all the improvements were aimed at expanding the number of new registered users, leading to growth.

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client chart

of new keywords


30-day organic traffic increase


traffic increase for subdomains

Result Highlights

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50% of new keywords were associated with relaunched website

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4% total organic traffic increase in 30 days (few recommendations implemented)

chart icon

20% traffic increase for subdomains, in less than 90 days & FAQs pages

plastic surgey case study

cosmetic surgery

The Challenge: this project started from the ground up. The goal? Generate consistent cosmetic surgery leads using only organic traffic. The site started with no domain authority and no local signals — the biggest challenge in SEO. And since this was a leads-based site, generating a local or regional footprint was not easy.

The Solution: while the site focused on nose surgery, within 9 months it was outranking most other clinics.We accomplished that through a thorough approach, including:

●    proper local SEO implementation
●    fast loading WordPress website
●    carefully chosen domain name
●    network of partner sites for outreach in this non-English market

Beyond that, we implemented several highly creative SEO tactics that we designed ourselves.
Bottom-line, the site grew steadily, generating domestic leads on a daily basis along with some foreign inquiries. All the improvements made the site a local market leader in less than 12 months.

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client chart

lead submissions


page 1 keyword increase


monthly lead value

Result Highlights

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Increased conversion from 1.69% to 4.02% in less than 60 days

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Page 1 with top 3 positions for desirable cosmetic keywords

chart icon

Collected several leads daily, adding up to over 100k a month in potential sales

media publisher case study

Media publisher

The Challenge: a media publisher operated several publications aimed at an English speaking audience. For its primary publication — which had millions of pages — the short-term goal was to help it retain its current organic standing. The longer-term goal was to grow its footprint locally and into nearby markets.

The Solution: to really move the needle, we employed a few major changes across an array of sections with the assistance of numerous internal members:

●    many existing pages were refreshed and edited
●    evergreen, non-news content was highlighted to expand its potential
●    all the major annual event pages (which had consistent performance) were carefully revamped
●    thousands of meta descriptions and page titles were injected to help tilt the CTR

No major technical issues were found, but a batch of bugs were handled. We also identified 30 domain names for link reclamation. This recouped lost authority from valuable third party sites that pointed to our domain. All the improvements ramped up pageviews, generating more ad revenue.

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client chart

organic traffic increase


increase for select events


increase on select sports

Result Highlights

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40% overall organic traffic increase in less than 12mo

speaker icon

100% organic traffic increase on some reoccurring event pages

chart icon

25% organic traffic increase on some sporting pages

retail ecommerce

The Challenge: a global bedroom furniture company needed help to gain a stronger organic footing in various markets. A multilingual structure was already in place to serve its wide variety of users. Luckily, we had access to various stakeholders to greenlight any big changes.

The Solution: we found success through technical SEO best practices and ecommerce-focused on-page edits. Some common errors we solved included a lack of meta data for category pages, a lack of product page improvements, among similar problems. The client also changed their primary website platform, which benefited both its primary and secondary markets. When we were finished, the client saw increases in traffic and transactions.

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client chart

organic traffic increase


keyword count increase

Result Highlights

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25% organic traffic increase overall within 8 months

speaker icon

1000 keyword increase 8 months later

chart icon

Increase in top 3, top 10 & top 20 keyword position

vaping case study


The Challenge: a vaping client wanted to make major gains in sales and was ready to invest. As the industry has matured, the field has opened up to deep-pocketed competitors. But this client was determined to make a dent one way or another.

The Solution: we started with 90 days of aggressive, customized outreach for this competitive consumer product. Since the client was ready to invest, our team spent the time needed to make many media pitches. That dedication led to content placements and mentions in over 70 solid online publications, including:

● MSN (DR92)
● Metro (D89)
● Yahoo News (DR91)
● OK Magazine (DR 74)
● and more

While this approach makes it hard to predict which publication will show interest and include a link, with a bit of patience and creativity, you’re bound to gain traction. The result was a massive boost in brand recognition and sales in what has now become a tight market.

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client chart

high quality domains


increase in organic keywords


organic visibility in 6mo.

Result Highlights

eye icon

70 high quality domain name links

speaker icon

Link velocity increased by x2

chart icon

30% increase in organic keyword count

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