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SEO Agency Pricing - Foundation Packages

Please scroll below to review our foundational SEO plans. For personalized SEO consulting rates, should you be seeking guidance for a given project, which requires an hourly consultation, feel free to contact us to discuss your situation. For the vast majority of prospects, please get familiar with the basic information contained on this page.

You may notice, for each package there are 2 options to choose from. Essentially, you can choose between an ongoing 1 year plan, with a lower monthly fee or a 30 day rolling basis monthly arrangement, which has a slightly higher investment. While our SEO services pricing may vary from time to time and the features of each package may be adjusted based on a number of factors, we hope that after viewing the 3 foundational packages you will have a better idea of what we have to offer.

Our aims is to offer robust & time tested SEO services in conjunction with comprehensive SEO pricing options, each of which reflect on the quality, commitment and collaboration we invest into the partnership. Always consider the SEO monthly cost as a core foundational investment into the business, not just an expense or a 1 hit wonder to make magic happen in a few months and pull the plug; as you wouldn’t be leveraging it’s fullest potential and possibly leave out further opportunities. In many cases, it’s a bit like having long term investments, there will be ups and down with the market but on average, over time those who keep chugging along tend to reap the rewards.

Generally, the SEO company prices will include most features and options listed, while the quantity & velocity of those will vary depending on the package. In addition, the package features will be adjusted based on a number of important factors, specific to your business – including the competitive landscape, the language for your market, the ability to get on-page or technical edits performed in a sensible amount of time etc. Do note that we use the word “optional” when there is more than a 50% chance that a feature would be applied/used, while “maybe” implies less than a 50% chance.

Since SEO tends to be both an art & science, dipped into the marketing universe, it not always rational to provide cookie-cuter packages, however it can help clients get some idea of what we have to offer, so we can use those details as a solid starting point, from which refinements will be made.

Frequently asked questions


In many instances, bulky contracts are not required, but for some clients a light or standard agreement could be helpful & beneficial for both parties, depending on the package chosen, the nature of the work being performed and the resources needed to help the account. We try to keep things as simple as possible, to make it efficient and comfortable for everyone. While we believe that both the client and agency should work together in collaboration, on a voluntary & ongoing basis, we do prefer a 30 day notice to pause or halt ongoing work. This ensures both parties honor each other’s time and commitment in a respectable manner, allowing for the tasks to be completed properly or for unused resources to be deployed if necessary. Bottom line, we are confident that you will find our approach to be simple, fair and beneficial for all.

Results may vary greatly based on many factors including: how competitive is your industry, are you a local or national or global website, do you have internal resources to help or is this strictly externalized, how quickly are site edits made if necessary, are you willing to experiment, what sort of package have you chosen etc. We could probably list another 100 elements but those are the first ones to consider. Ultimately, for an average website with a dozen pages or even a few hundreds, in an average market, with some budget, we can see long tail positions change within weeks in some instances, and for more competitive keywords 30 to 90 days may be necessary. In other situations, it may take anywhere from 6 to 18 months; especially when your dealing with competitors who have a budget in place, produce frequent site updates & have a robust outreach program in place.

Our pricing page displays 3 different packages to choose from, based on the nature of your business, its location and the size of its audience. With that said, no package is set in stone and small tweaks can be done to adjust and make this fit your needs. But to answer this question, it’s best for you to think of a few fundamental questions (1) How soon do you want to see results (2) Do you have the funds to match your ambitions? (3) Will you be patient? (4) How competitive is your market? (5) How simple or complex, will it be to implement the recommendations? Once you have clarity on those 5 questions, it should help you more easily decide on which package you should aim for. At the end of the day, we are here to guide you and will help narrow the best option. Some packages can have features expanded or shuffled around to be allocated elsewhere. To conclude, we find that the best package for you, is likely to be the one you can afford, match your ambitions and understand the value it provides.

Unfortunately, over the years, some vendors have tried to guarantee various keyword positions, with long tail keywords in niche industries, by luring clients with magical promises. While this might sound very tempting at first, it’s essentially taken out of the “Snake Oil Salesman” playbook. Therefore, we urge any serious client, who wants to work together, to think rationally and be sensible, this will avoid disappointment. Thus, no one can guarantee any results or keyword positions. On the bright side, we can certainly suggest that there is a high probability of a given outcome, if we make certain choices.

To get started, all you need to do, is to reach us, so we can begin a conversation, with an intro and hopefully be able to serve your needs. We will go over your individual situation, site health, package choices, financial considerations & features to consider in the package. Thereafter, hopefully we can narrow the best course of action, based on our understanding and experience. Visit this page 

This means we will perform a review of the keywords or referring domains vs. a selection of relevant competitors. In the case of keyword gap, we will compare a website vs others to help determine if there are words we should include as part of the strategy. The same goes for the backlink gap, it will help us better understand how easy or stiff is the competitive landscape and what kind of effort might be necessary. Basically the word “gap” presumes there’s something missing, which could be a positive opportunity.

Depending on the package chosen & as a result, the funds we have available, we can or will consider acquiring links to help your site generate more authority. There may be other factors, but that’s the main purpose of this feature. Also, for local businesses, there tends to be a focus on local links (citations) or industry relevance.

In addition, the term “premium campaigns” tends to reflect a more curated approach to outreach, which requires more work & is more costly, but can generate some desirable outcomes as part of link building. This is typically recommended for clients with a solid budget & long-term ambitions.

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