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Automotive SEO

Automotive sellers have to make an impact online to be successful today. It isn’t just about building a website to conveniently place information. Strong performance requires a content marketing strategy to supercharge business. And most marketing strategies today rely on this content to drive new traffic.

But what if all those efforts are wasted?

Well, they are — unless you have automotive search engine optimization (SEO). That’s what WhooSEO does. We improve your website’s performance on search engines, the biggest driver of online traffic bar none. We protect and amplify the work you’ve already put in, making your website a powerhouse. But we also supercharge business by converting all that traffic into paying customers.

Our automotive SEO makes your website perfect. With strong automotive SEO keywords and search terms, content that brings in huge numbers of new potential customers, and technical optimization that makes everything come together.

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What is SEO for Car Dealers?

Do you know what the most important element of your automotive website’s success is?

Your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).
Here’s why: today, people look for cars and trucks online first, and they often look online exclusively. If your website is at the top of a Google or Bing search for cars, you can make the best possible impression on potential customers. To do that you need SEO. That’s why our automotive SEO marketing is so crucial.

So, if it’s so important, what exactly is SEO?

It’s a set of practices that makes your website more visible on online searches. It isn’t just about your website, either. The agency’s SEO services for auto dealers include techniques both on and off your site. Our automotive SEO places your website at the top of SERPs. Think about it, that means you’ll be in a high position on the world’s most popular websites, like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

WhooSEO’s SEO automotive services will increase your web traffic, land you more leads and secure more paying customers. Still not convinced? Consider these facts about automotive SEO:

✔ Many dealers & car companies want to expand their organic footprint
✔ More than 50% of people searching on Google & Bing click on the first 3 search results.
✔ 90% of searchers click on a link that appears on the first page of results.

Remember, automotive SEO always starts with excellent, high-quality, and relevant content. Gone are the days when strategies like meta tag manipulation and keyword stuffing can make a website rank better.

But as an auto dealer, you are also trying to build customer loyalty. And strong SEO keeps people returning to you. There is intense competition among car sellers online. To cut through and find success, you have to perform on a number of factors, including:

● What is their everyday activity on the website?
● How much time do they spend on your website?
● Do they visit multiple pages on your site (bounce rate)?
● Do they visit your website repeatedly?

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Our Automotive SEO Services

It’s clear that SEO for car sellers is essential in today’s economy.

Off-Page SEO

Because so many car buyers go to third party websites to find vehicles for sale first, you have to have excellent off-page SEO.

Technical Analysis

Our comprehensive digital analysis of your dealership’s website helps you avoid significant errors.

Keyword Research

In this step, automotive SEO keyword research is performed to get the top vehicle SEO keywords with higher search volumes.

On-Page SEO

Applying on-page SEO strategies means optimizing your content placement, metas & internal links.

Local SEO

The vast majority of car buyers are looking for local options. That’s why our automotive SEO strategies optimize your Google My Business page.

Content Creation

The ultimate goal of car dealer SEO is to bring more customers to the lot, but you need to bring them to your website first.

What are the Benefits of SEO for Automotive?

Expand brand awareness

Car dealers know better than anyone how important your brand is. Buyers want to trust that they are getting a fair price and a reliable vehicle — and a strong brand is the best way to earn that trust.
WhooSEO’s automotive SEO strategies may increase the awareness of your brand in many ways. For example, building some strong backlinks, creating optimized content (keeping in mind your target audience and search engine crawlers), using long-tail keywords, promoting brand image and much more.

Massively increase online traffic and move more product off the lot

One of the most significant advantages of automotive SEO is increased website traffic. 55% of searchers click on only the first three results in the search engine listing, so if your website is not in the top results, it means you are losing potential car buyers to your competitors.

That’s why experts always recommend going for automotive optimization strategies. As a professional and reliable SEO company for dealers, our firm can help you reach the top of search results which boosts traffic online and in the lot.

High return on investment

One of the significant benefits of automotive SEO is a high return on investment. Compared to more traditional marketing methods, WhooSEO can get you big results for a fraction of the cost.

By using short and long-tail keywords, optimizing website code and applying on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies, you can increase your website traffic. And by monitoring the overall SEO track, you can get more potential car buyers and increase lead generation, ultimately resulting in a high return on investment.

How Can We Help You?

If you want to get more buyers to your website, the best way is through auto dealer SEO from a top and reliable automotive marketing company like WhooSEO.

We use every available method to provide our automotive dealer clients with the best rankings on search engines. Our optimization and keyword research for your automotive website using top-of-the-line tools and local SEO best practices. Plus, we only use white hat SEO techniques. That means your website will always be promoted by Google’s algorithm, and never be punished for unsavory tactics that many other SEO firms resort to.

Want to make your dealership’s website number one on search engines? Get started!

Why Choose Us for Automotive SEO?

Our team uses a data-driven process to bring you the best results possible. It’s a group of experts in SEO for the automotive industry. And we are all dedicated to your success.

By using a variety of breakthrough techniques and established SEO services, we can assist you to boost the search engine rankings of your website. Our professionals understand the ins and outs of the automotive industry and how to put your dealership’s website in a strong position — even in the most competitive marketplace.

Our marketing and auto SEO service has helped many dealers get high quality website traffic, all while converting those visitors into new customers ready to sign on the dotted line. You have to remember: if you aren’t at the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, you are losing business to your competitors. That’s why the agency’s SEO services change everything.

In short, if you want to increase revenue and optimize your marketing costs all while getting more customers to the lot, it’s time to contact WhooSEO.

Want to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through SEO? Speak with our consultant about automotive SEO services. Click to request a no-cost SEO evaluation today!

Frequently asked questions


What is automotive SEO?

Automotive SEO means the process of optimizing and improving automotive websites to make sure they show up on the first page of search engines when users search for related information. It helps automotive businesses generate organic traffic and leads consistently at a fair cost.

What is Auto SEO?

Auto SEO is the process of improving and enhancing the visibility of an auto website on search engines. It involves optimizing the website structure, speed, content, and user experience to convince search engines that the website is the best match for specific keywords.

What does an automotive marketer do?

An automotive marketer is responsible for creating and executing marketing plans to promote a car dealership, attract new customers, and grow sales. Marketing for automotive dealerships can include online marketing, offline marketing, or a combination of both.

How do you market in the automotive industry?

There are many ways to market in the automotive industry. Some common marketing tactics include online marketing (SEO, SMM, PPC advertising, etc.), offline marketing (such as direct mail, print advertising, and public relations), and a combination of both.

How to create an automotive dealership marketing plan?

Your automotive dealership marketing plan should include a mix of online and offline marketing tactics that will likely generate new customers and grow your business. Automotive dealerships’ common marketing channels include SEO, PP, direct mail, print advertising, and public relations. You may also run an affiliate program.

What is automotive digital marketing?

automotive digital marketing is creating and executing a marketing plan to promote an automotive dealership, attract new customers, and grow sales. Automotive digital marketing can involve all the digital channels such as SEO, website design and development, PPC advertising, email marketing, and social media.

What is automotive advertising?

Automotive advertising is a form of advertising used to promote the sale of vehicles. The ads are typically run by the automobile manufacturers themselves and their dealerships. It usually includes ads in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and social media. The purpose of these ads is to increase the visibility of motor vehicles and persuade people to buy them.

How are cars marketed?

The most common way cars are marketed, is through advertisements. They can be seen on television, the Internet, or on billboards. Car companies also send out brochures to potential customers. They also have websites that showcase all of their cars. The goal is to inform potential buyers about the features and benefits of the car they are considering purchasing.

How do car dealerships attract customers?

Car dealerships mainly attract customers by advertising their cars. Some other ways that car dealerships attract customers are: setting up promotions and events like test drives or giveaways; offering incentives such as cash rebates; and giving out freebies like free coffee while you wait for your car to be serviced.

How can dealers increase sales?

Dealers can increase their sales by hosting events, such as car shows and test drives. They can also give incentives to customers to come in for a test drive. Another innovative way that dealers can increase sales is by using AI-powered chatbots. These bots can help them provide better service and understand the customer’s needs better. It can also be used as a marketing tool, where they can provide offers and discounts on a regular basis to customers who are not in the store at that time.

How do I advertise myself as a car salesman?

You can advertise yourself as a car salesman by first creating a professional-looking website with your contact information and pictures of the cars that you sell. This will help people who are looking for a new car find you. You can also create an advertisement on Facebook with your contact information and pictures of the cars that you sell so that people who use Facebook will be able to find you too. In addition, you can generate leads through social media advertising, SEO, or pay-per-click marketing.

What makes an excellent automotive marketing company?

An excellent automotive marketing company is one that understands the needs of its customers and provides a service tailored to them. They should also have a deep understanding of the automotive industry and how to reach out to their target audience. The best way for an automotive marketing company to understand these needs is by conducting market research, which can be done in various ways. For example, they can conduct surveys on social media or ask their customers what they need.

Are reviews the most effective automotive marketing strategy?

Reviews are a popular form of marketing for the automotive industry. A review evaluates the quality, performance, or value of something. Reviews are usually written by people who have bought and used the product. There are expert reviews as well, written by a professional in the field who has studied the product extensively before writing their thoughts on it. Thus, reviews can be an effective automotive marketing strategy.

What is the role of an automotive marketer?

An automotive marketer is responsible for the development and execution of marketing plans that support new or existing products. This includes advertising, public relations, and sales promotions. The automotive marketer must have a strong understanding of the industry and be able to determine strategies that will be most successful in reaching their target audience.