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Hotel SEO Services

In today’s competitive digital world, every business needs to make an impact online. This is especially true in the hospitality industry, where customers are relying on online research to find out where to stay. That’s what makes hotel search engine optimization (SEO) so important for your business.  It’s the best way to reach customers today, especially in the hospitality industry.

With SEO for hotels from WhooSEO, your business lands at the top of online searches. The transformative power of this one key result means big money for your company. Hotels can thrive with the right hotel SEO strategy. By dominating results of websites like Google, they can take advantage of the full power of our digital age.

Think about it: SEO costs far less than traditional advertising — like billboards or ads. But it delivers a solid number of clients to your door. When you take advantage of WhooSEO’s services, you get more online traffic, more paying customers, and the best brand awareness imaginable.

hotel search engine marketing

Insights about SEO for Hotels

Do you know the key to unlocking the power of the internet for your business? Ranking on search engines. That’s why WhooSEO’s hotel search engine marketing is so crucial: we bring you a giant share of online traffic.

In today’s connected world, people are making online searches on websites like Google to find a hotel to stay at. This is especially true for your industry because people are often away from home. They aren’t sure where to stay, so they pull out their smartphone and ask Google or Bing.

But what exactly is SEO? It’s a set of practices that makes your website more visible on online searches. It isn’t just about your website, either. The team’s SEO services for hotels include techniques both on and off your site.

Our hotel SEO makes your website rank at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs) — those include the internet’s most popular websites, like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

WhooSEO’s is a hotel and resort marketing company that uses SEO to affordably increase your web traffic, landing you more leads and securing more customers.

Still not convinced? Consider these facts about SEO:

✔ Over half of leisure and business travelers use search engines when planning trips.
✔ 90% of searchers click on a link that appears on the first page of results.
✔ 64% of total searches are made on mobile devices.

Hotel SEO has two main branches: you need quality content that answers relevant questions while also having an easy-to-use online booking experience. With these two pieces in place, your website will rank above the rest. In today’s highly competitive online space, optimization strategies depend on what your website visitors do on your website. It means the number of your hotel website visitors is analyzed along with other questions, like:

● Do they visit your website repeatedly?
● Do they visit multiple pages on your site (bounce rate)?
● What is their everyday activity on the website?
● How much time do they spend on your website?
● What type of content do they engage with (videos, blogs or forms)?

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Our Hotel SEO Services

SEO for hotels is a critical component for success in the 21st century.

SEO Audit and Tech Audit

The competitive digital review of your hotel website helps you avoid significant errors.

Keyword Research & Acquisition

In this step, we scour the internet for the most effective keywords for you to compete on.

On-Page SEO

Applying on-page SEO strategies helps improve keyword placement, metadata & internal links.

Local SEO

Local SEO can matter: since searches for hotels include location-based search terms. Our hotel SEO services optimize your GMB etc.

Content Creation

Another way to capture traffic is to create content that is relevant to potential customers.

Off-Page SEO

While a lot of SEO is about your web presence, we also take time to improve your impact off-site.

What are the Benefits of Hotel SEO?

Increased website traffic and conversion rate

One of the most significant advantages is increased website traffic. This is free (organic) traffic made up of people searching for a hotel to stay at. It’s the highest quality lead imaginable. 55% of searchers click on only the first three results in the search engine listing, so if your website is not in the top results, it means you are losing bookings.

As a company that specializes in hotel marketing services, WhooSEO can help you reach the top of search results which ultimately results in increased website traffic and more paying customers.

Greater brand awareness

Brand awareness is key in a competitive niche like the hotel industry. And getting to the top of Google results builds your brand in a powerful way.

When we develop your hotel SEO strategy, we improve brand awareness in several ways. For example, building some strong backlinks, creating optimized content (keeping in mind your target audience and search engine crawlers), using long-tail keywords, promoting brand image and much more.

High return on investment

One of the significant benefits of hotel SEO is a high return on investment. Compared to more traditional marketing methods, the team can get you big results for a fraction of the cost.

By using short and long-tail keywords, optimizing website code and applying on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies, you can increase your website traffic. And by monitoring the overall SEO track, you can get more potential guests and increase lead generation, ultimately resulting in a high return on investment.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Our hotel clients love what we do. The explosion in business and referrals is transformative for our partners. Take a second to look through our case studies and see what businesses like yours are experiencing through the power of SEO.

How Can We Help You?

Our experts in hotel search engine marketing can increase your online traffic and bookings. We leave no stone unturned to provide our clients with the best search engine rankings possible. From keyword research and optimization of your website to using local SEO best practices, WhooSEO has you covered.

The team’s SEO services for hotels brings you more business than you ever thought possible. If that interests you, then call us today!

The SEO Hotels like Yours Have Been Waiting For

We have a great team of hotel SEO experts who are not only professional and experienced but data-driven as well.
By using a variety of breakthrough techniques and established SEO services, we can assist you to boost the search engine rankings of your website. Our professionals understand the ins and outs of the hospitality industry and how to put your hotel’s website in a strong position — even in the most competitive marketplace.

Our SEO for hotels reliably gets our clients quality website traffic, all while converting a segment of those visitors into new paying guests.

Remember, if you are not in the top search results of Google, Bing or Yahoo, you are losing business. That’s why our SEO for hotels changes everything. In short, if you want to increase revenue and optimize your marketing costs all while getting more paying guests, it’s time to request a free SEO consultation. Speak with our team member about our hotel SEO services. Our door is wide open.

Frequently asked questions


What is SEO in the hotel industry

SEO in the hotel industry is the practice of optimizing hotel websites, by helping them rank their higher in the search engine result pages. This may involve technical edits, on-page optimization and off-page efforts.

What do you need to know about SEO for hotels?

SEO is a slow but continuous process that demands a number of areas to be perfect. Search engines update their algorithms hundreds of times a year, so you’ll have to keep up with the updates to stay ahead of your competitors. When done right, SEO is so rewarding that you may even be able to rely only on SEO to get new customers.

How do hotels do SEO?

in the listing, NAP citations, number of check-ins, etc., are the major ranking factors. You can optimize your website content, build a great backlink portfolio, and target the right keywords to rank your website higher on search engines.

How important is optimization in a hotel?

SEO is necessary to ensure the visibility of any hotel on search engines. By improving online visibility, hotels can get potential customers to visit their websites and help them make a quicker decision to stay at the hotel.

What are the best marketing strategies for the hotel business?

Several marketing strategies can be effective for the hotel business. These include online marketing, offline marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing. Additionally, it is important to consider the needs of your target market when developing your marketing strategy. By understanding your customer base and what they are looking for in a hotel, you can develop targeted campaigns that appeal to them. Overall, the best marketing strategy for your hotel business will be tailored to the needs of your specific customers.

Why is marketing important in the hotel industry?

Marketing is important in the hotel industry because it helps businesses reach potential customers and generate awareness for their brand. Additionally, marketing can help hotels differentiate themselves from their competitors and build customer loyalty. By developing an effective marketing strategy, hotels can increase their bookings and revenues. Overall, marketing is a crucial element of success in the hotel industry.

What are hospitality marketing strategies?

Several hospitality marketing strategies can reach potential customers and promote your hotel business. These include both online and offline marketing strategies. Content marketing, paid ads, and affiliate marketing work best for online reach. It is essential to give the customer a good experience while staying at your hotel, which eventually supplements your marketing effort.

What are the pillars of hotel marketing?

These pillars are all critical components of a successful hotel marketing strategy that can help you reach new customers and stand out from your competitors:

– understanding your target market
– developing a comprehensive marketing plan
– leveraging digital marketing channels and tactics
– building relationships with influencers, and
– measuring and optimizing campaign performance.

What are hospitality marketing services?

Hospitality marketing services provide marketing and advertising services to the hospitality industry. These companies specialize in creating and executing marketing campaigns for hotels, resorts, and other businesses in the hospitality industry. Hospitality marketing services can help hotels reach new customers, build brand awareness, and generate more bookings.

What's the best way to promote a hotel?

These days emphasizing digital marketing is the key to promoting a hotel. Creating a strong social media presence, developing targeted marketing campaigns, and leveraging influencer marketing can all help promote your hotel. Additionally, it is important to ensure that your website is user-friendly and provides potential customers with all the information they need about your hotel.

How is hotel marketing in the digital age?

As the hotel industry becomes more digitized and customers spend more time online, it is crucial to have a strong online presence to reach new customers and stand out from your competition. Additionally, leveraging digital channels for online marketing can effectively promote your hotel business. It includes content marketing, paid to advertise, and social media marketing.