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Orthodontist SEO

As an orthodontist, you know that patients want to understand their tooth alignment issues and find the best possible care provider in their area. What does that mean? They are searching online.

That’s why you need search engine optimization (SEO). With WhooSEO’s orthodontic SEO, you’ll turn the world’s most popular websites — like Google and Bing — into promotional engines for your practice.

Don’t waste your marketing dollar on outdated methods! SEO for orthodontists is the marketing of the future. It leverages the power and ubiquity of search engines, using them to drive enormous amounts of online traffic and converting those visitors into patients. With SEO orthodontics has never been so easy to promote. Our firm can bring you business like you never thought possible, and it’s growth that lasts long term.

orthodontist seo

How Does SEO Orthodontist Marketing Work?

Do you know what is holding your practice back from getting seen online by your potential patients? You aren’t ranking on search engines.

It’s the 21st century. When people are looking for an orthodontist or wanting to find information about their misaligned teeth or jaw, they are searching online. And by and large, users are only checking links on the first page of the Google or Bing search. That makes orthodontist SEO mission critical for your success.

But how does SEO work, exactly? And what is it? SEO merges tools and techniques to make your website more visible on online searches. This makes your website the most attractive to the algorithms that generate these results, and it includes techniques both on and off your site.

When marketing your orthodontic practice with SEO, you’ll experience a dramatic increase in online traffic. And with WhooSEO, you’ll also convert more of these visitors into patients.

Still not convinced? Consider these facts about online marketing for orthodontists with SEO:

✔ More than 1/2 of people searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo click on the first three search results.
✔ There are more than 5 million online searches for local dentists & dental specialists every day.
✔ 64% of total dental searches are made on mobile devices.
✔ Over 89% of people use search engines to look for solutions to their medical needs.
✔ 90% of searchers click on a link that appears on the first page of results.

The best marketing for orthodontists also includes extensive content creation. This broadens your impact — making your website come up in more searches made by potential patients. But you don’t have to worry about it. WhooSEO can generate highly accurate, dazzling content that boosts traffic and brings more patients through your door.

In today’s highly competitive online space, orthodontist SEO all depends on what your website visitors do on your website. This raises the question of what element should be measured or looked into, including:

● What type of content do they engage with (like videos, blogs or interactive forms)?
● How much time do they spend on your website?
● Do they visit multiple pages on your site (bounce rate)?
● What is their everyday activity on the website?
● Do they visit your website repeatedly?

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Our Orthodontic SEO Services

Search engine marketing is the future of promotion.

Tech SEO Audit

Our complete tech analysis of your practice’s website helps you avoid significant errors.

Powerful Keyword Acquisition

We identify the right keywords and analyze their rankings, making you competitive on those with massive search volume.

On-Page SEO

Applying on-page SEO strategies means optimizing your content, keyword placement, H tags and internal links.

Local SEO

Local SEO is important: a huge percentage of searches for orthodontists include local terms.

Content Creation

SEO for orthodontists has to include creating relevant content that your potential patients are seeking out online.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO optimization strengthens your website with outreach as well as link building. .

What are the Benefits of Orthodontic SEO?

Increased website traffic and conversion rate

The main benefit of SEO is generating enormous online traffic that is then converted into new patients. 55% of searchers click on only the first three results in the search engine listing, so if your website is not in the top results, it means you are losing dental business.

That’s why experts always recommend going for optimization strategies. As a professional and reliable orthodontist marketing agency, our firm can help you reach the top of search results which ultimately results in increased website traffic.

Greater brand awareness

A carefully implemented optimization strategy can bring many benefits to your practice, significantly boosting brand awareness. You already know that new patients need to trust their orthodontist, but did you know SEO is one of the most powerful ways to do that?

Our orthodontic marketing ideas increase the awareness of your brand in many ways. For example, building some strong backlinks, creating optimized content (keeping in mind your target audience and search engine crawlers), using long-tail keywords, promoting brand image and much more.

High return on investment

One of the significant benefits of orthodontist SEO is a high return on investment. Compared to more traditional marketing methods, WhooSEO can get you big results for a fraction of the cost.

By using short and long-tail keywords, optimizing website code and applying on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies, you can increase your website traffic. And by monitoring the overall SEO track, you can get more potential patients and increase lead generation, ultimately resulting in a high return on investment.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

The orthodontists we work with love the work we do. They can’t believe all the new patients coming inquiring about the services. Take a minute to skim through our case studies to better appreciate the scope of our experience.

How Can We Help You?

Orthodontic marketing companies are not created equal. You need the best to compete in the marketplace. And that means you need WhooSEO.

Our SEO for orthodontists leaves no stone unturned. We do everything possible to give our clients the best possible ranking on search engines. We carry out powerful keyword research and sophisticated technical optimization strategies, as well as implementing local SEO best practices.

Want to make your website number one on search engines? Talk to us and get the SEO orthodontics has been waiting for!

Why Choose Us for Orthodontist SEO?

We have a great team of experts who are not only professional and experienced but data-driven as well.

By using a variety of breakthrough techniques and established SEO services, we can assist you to boost the search engine rankings of your website. Our professionals understand the ins and outs of the industry and how to put your website in a strong position — even in the most competitive marketplace.

We have a track record of bringing orthodontist practices just like yours new business by unlocking the power of search engines. Remember, if you are not in the top search results of Google, Bing or Yahoo, you are losing business to other practices. That’s why our SEO for orthodontists changes everything.

Finally, you are ready to learn more about how we can help you expand? Speak with someone about orthodontist SEO. We’d love to hear from you. Request a free SEO consultation.

Frequently asked questions


How do you market an orthodontic practice?

There are many ways to market an orthodontic practice. Common strategies include online advertising, social media campaigns, email marketing, public relations, and events. It’s essential to tailor your marketing mix to meet the specific needs of your target market and keep your messaging relevant and timely.

What's the best way to market an orthodontist?

It is critical for any business in the service industry to provide top-notch services to satisfy its customers. The happy customers will be your brand managers and promote your business by giving referrals. Also, focus your marketing efforts on attracting new patients rather than getting existing patients to switch to your practice. You can use targeted online and offline advertising, direct mail, and social media outreach to reach potential patients in your area.

Which is the best way to market Invisalign?

In addition to regular online marketing like SEO, Social Media, and PPC, a focus should be given to content marketing on Invisalign. Compelling info content in articles and images/videos could drive many potential customers. Parents still have metal braces in mind. If they could know that Invisalign is more effective and much more comfortable, they would be willing to pay for an invisible treatment. Additionally, if you can promote your services as a specialist in Invisalign, it will help set you apart from the competition.

How do you promote Invisalign?

To promote Invisalign, you should focus on the invisibility aspect of the product. For example, you could emphasize that people can wear Invisalign aligners at any time – even in public – without anyone ever noticing. Secondly, you can leverage all the before and after photos to highlight the significant benefits of Invisalign.

How do you grow an orthodontic practice?

Getting connected to orthodontics organizations is vital for the growth of any orthodontic practice. You should get connected with dentists, oral surgeons, and other referring physicians. You should also join relevant orthodontic societies and participate in their events. Furthermore, you can use marketing to reach a wider range of potential patients.

How do I market my braces?

Targeting customer pain points is the key to marketing braces successfully. You should focus on the benefits of braces and how they can help patients achieve a straighter and healthier smile. You can use various marketing channels to reach your target audiences, such as online marketing, print marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing.

How do you promote clear aligners?

To promote clear aligners, you should focus on the benefits of the treatment and how it can help patients achieve a straighter smile. Clear aligners are a new treatment option, so you should also focus on educating your target audience about the treatment. Ensuring quality service is also important to promote clear aligners successfully.

What is the average overhead of an orthodontic practice?

The overhead of an orthodontic practice can vary depending on the size and location of the practice. The biggest overhead expenses for an orthodontic practice are the cost of staff, supplies, and rent. The market standard of average overhead is around 60%. To reduce overhead costs, you can consider outsourcing certain tasks or finding a more cost-effective location for your practice.