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Veterinary SEO

The digital world is an incredibly competitive place. And yet, in today’s economy, if you don’t succeed there, you simply don’t succeed. That’s why your veterinary practice needs search engine optimization (SEO). With veterinary SEO from WhooSEO, you will become the first thing people see when they search for pet care in their area.

Whether you are a livestock or companion-animal veterinarian, your next potential customer is searching your services right now. But what are they going to see? You competitors are likely already paying for some kind of veterinary website optimization, and they are reaping the rewards.

By implementing SEO for vets, you can supercharge your practice. Just think about it: what if you turned websites like Google and Bing into your promotional engines that run 24/7? With veterinary SEO from our agency, you can. Our highly effective, affordable services grant you access to the transformative power of SEO.

veterinary seo

What is Veterinary SEO?

Are you already paying for marketing, but it doesn’t seem to move the needle? Are you confused about what it will take to bring in more people through your door? You aren’t the only veterinarian who feels this way.

In the 21st century, business success often comes down to one factor: you’re ranking on search engines. Why? Because today, people are searching for veterinarians using search engines like Google and Bing. And most people are only clicking on links that appear on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Veterinary SEO gets your website to the top of SERPs. That means more people clicking on your link. That drives a massive amount of traffic to your website and gets more people to choose you as their vet.

But what is SEO really? It’s a set of techniques and design principles that make your website more attractive to search engine algorithms. And with SEO for vets from WhooSEO, it also includes making your website a better experience for visitors and helping convert more of them into paying customers.

Still not convinced? Consider these facts about veterinary SEO:

✔ Search engines are the source of 93% of online traffic.
✔ Over 50% of search engine users click on one of the first three links.
✔ 92% of traffic goes to links that appear on the first page of results.
✔ 88% of people who searched for a local business spent money there within a day.
✔ 46% of Google searches are trying to find local information.

One of the most powerful forms of veterinary website optimization is creating compelling, hyper-shareable content. That’s why our team creates this for you, covering all the many topics that concerned pet and livestock owners are asking. This brings in an enormous amount of traffic to your site, builds your brand, and converts people into lifelong customers.

And once these visitors come to your website, we track their user experience. This gives us deep insights into how your content is performing. We ask questions like:

● Do they visit your website repeatedly?
● What is their everyday activity on the website?
● How much time do they spend on your website?
● What type of content do they like to engage with?
● Do they visit multiple pages on your site (ex. bounce rate)?

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Our Veterinary SEO Services

SEO for vets is essential for your clinic or private business.

Technical Analysis

We use state of the art tools to analyze your structure, review your site speed & summarize our findings.

Keyword Research

A veterinary SEO keyword research is performed to gather the top search terms with higher search volumes.

On-Page SEO

We review your meta data, internal anchors and keyword content placement.

Local SEO

Local SEO is critical to your success: you want to focus on the people who are in your area. Our veterinary local SEO strategies optimize your GMB page.

Content Creation

Through relevant, high quality content that’s easily shared, you can compete on more keywords and generate organic traffic.

Off-Page SEO

Outreach SEO or link building helps strengthens your website for the long term & gain more authority.

What are the Benefits of Veterinary SEO?

Increased website traffic and conversion rate

One of the most significant advantages of veterinary SEO is increased website traffic. 55% of searchers click on only the first three results in the search engine listing, so if your website is not in the top results, it means you are losing business.

So veterinary website optimization is crucial. And with services from WhooSEO, you land at the top of relevant searches. That explodes your online traffic. Plus, we turn your website into a conversion machine.

Greater brand awareness

People need to know their pet’s health is in good hands. That’s why building trust in your brand is so vital to a lasting success. Veterinary SEO builds that trust and awareness in a variety of ways.

Through online partnerships and appearing at the top of Google searches, you build organic trust with potential customers. And the meaningful content your website provides gives them plenty of exposure to your brand messaging.

High return on investment

The most important benefit to veterinary SEO is a high return on investment. Compared to more traditional marketing methods, our agency can get you big results for a fraction of the cost.

By using short and long-tail keywords, optimizing website code and applying on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies, you can increase your website traffic. And by monitoring the overall SEO track, you can get more potential patients and increase lead generation, ultimately resulting in a high return on investment.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

The veterinary offices we work with love the increased business and referrals. They are getting better results than most traditional marketing with our packages. Check out some our case studies to better grasp what WhooSEO can do for your office!

How Can We Help You?

If you want to get more pet owners to your website, the best way is through veterinary SEO services from a top and reliable marketing company like WhooSEO.

We became the premier SEO for vets company by leaving no stone unturned, combining our cutting edge tools with relentless work ethic and expertise. From keyword research and optimization of your veterinary practice website to using local SEO best practices, WhooSEO has you covered.

Want to give your site a chance to rank on page one? keep reading about how we can help & seek further info about our veterinary SEO services!

Why Choose Us for Veterinary SEO?

WhooSEO provides you with a team of expert professionals who use a data-driven approach and experience to give you reliable results.

With our vast array of new techniques and established SEO principles, we boost your ranking in SERPs — driving enormous traffic and converting more visitors into paying customers. We understand how to market veterinary services because we’ve done it before, even in the most competitive markets.

We get you high quality, organic traffic to your website, growing your business to levels you never thought you could reach. Remember, if you are not in the top search results of Google, Bing or Yahoo, you are losing business to other veterinary practices. That’s why our SEO for vets changes everything.

Ready to learn more about how we can help you expand? Talk to our team lead about veterinary SEO services by requesting a free SEO consultation.

Frequently asked questions


Do veterinary clinics need SEO?

Veterinary clinics need SEO to make sure their potential clients see their website and online listing when they search for veterinary clinics, services, or related information on search engines like Google. SEO helps improve the online visibility and website traffic of veterinary clinics.

How much do veterinarians spend on marketing?

Veterinarians typically allocate a significant portion of their budget to marketing, an essential tool for driving sales and revenue. They spend less than 5% of their revenue on marketing, though this can vary depending on the size and type of veterinary practice.

What are some marketing strategies that can make a positive impact on a veterinary practice?

Everyone loves their pets and won’t take any risk when they need a veterinarian. So, building a persona of trust and credibility is crucial in the veterinary industry. Effective marketing strategies include creating quality content, leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, email marketing campaigns, and event sponsorship.

What are some good ideas for Veterinary marketing?

Creating content that shows you can handle pets with great care is the key to success in veterinary marketing. This might include blog posts, videos, and social media posts that show your team in action and how you treat each pet with love and compassion.

What's the return on investment for Veterinary marketing?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, as the return on investment for Veterinary marketing will vary depending on several factors. However, a standard ROI should be around 3-5x for veterinary marketing.

How do I get more vet clients?

You must prioritize great customer service to get more vet clients. Also, you should focus on building relationships with referring veterinarians and pet owners. You can use marketing to reach a wider range of potential clients. You should actively seek positive reviews by asking clients to post feedback online.

How can I grow my veterinary business?

Growing your veterinary business can be done in several ways. You could add new services, open new locations, or target new markets. You might also use marketing to reach a wider range of potential clients. To support growth, you must have the financial resources and personnel.

How can I improve my veterinary business?

You can improve your veterinary business by ensuring quality service, expanding your services, and investing in marketing. You should also focus on building relationships with referring veterinarians and pet owners. To improve efficiency, you can consider outsourcing certain tasks or automating processes.

What is the market for veterinarians?

The market for veterinarians is growing as the pet industry expands. The number of pet owners is increasing, and people are spending more money on their pets. The number of jobs for veterinarians is expected to rise by 17% in the next ten years, which is above average for all professions.

How do vets advertise?

Digital media is one of the most effective ways to advertise for vets. This includes online directories, Google AdWords, and social media. You can also use print media, such as newspapers, fliers, and billboards. To reach a wider audience, you can use radio and television advertising. Local SEO could be used to ensure that potential clients in your area can find your practice easily.