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Did you know that having a strong online presence is as important for local businesses as it is for any multinational company? Local search engine optimization (SEO) brings you more customers and increased notoriety all through your online platform. WhooSEO is a local SEO marketing company that does just that.
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Local SEO Services Can Help

Our local SEO solutions bring you into today’s economy. Search engine results (SERPs) are a top battleground for businesses trying to find paying customers. That’s why your website needs the powerful tools and content that WhooSEO provides.

Over 70% of customers search online first to find the local business they need. With our local search optimization, the company they find will be yours.

We turn popular search engines like Google and Bing into your advocates with our local SEO services.

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Benefits of SEO For Local Companies

Authority Impacts

High quality content is key in local search engine marketing. Great blog posts and helpful tutorials will mean people share your content and stay on your site longer.

Traffic and Conversions

A full 64.5% of users will click on one of the first three results — we get you there. Our local SEO marketing makes results through data-driven and time-tested methods.

Greater Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is key to any business, whether local or international. SEO uses the most popular websites to position your brand at the top.

Make You More Competitive

Our agency gives your website a clear roadmap to make the changes needed to leave your competition in the dust.

Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

Traditional and social media marketing cannot beat local SEO cost. Plus, local SEO citations are a less expensive and more reliable method of marketing.

Build It Better

Our services check everything from your code to your tags to your headlines, making your website a paradise for search engines like Google and Bing.

What Is Local Business SEO?

Gone are the days when businesses were built on word of mouth alone. To find customers today, you need a local SEO strategy to stay ahead of your competitors.

WhooSEO is a local SEO company that uses a series of methods and processes to make your website the first result on web searches. The higher your ranking is on sites like Google and Bing, the more people click on your link and not the guy-next-door’s. We do this by diving deep into the content and code of your website, putting you at the top with the best local SEO.

We’re the leader in our field because we take a full spectrum approach to creating business for your company using the most popular platforms on the internet.

Some local SEO statistics:
✔ 76% of people who did a local search using their smartphones end up visiting a local business within a day
✔ 53.33% of the total website traffic comes from organic searches
✔ 68% of online experiences start with search engines, especially Google
✔ 70% of prospective customers search online first

How Do Our Local SEO Services Work?

Any top local SEO company like WhooSEO always begins with the basics:

● Site Audit: We need to identify all potential issues and strengths. We need to know your current content, mapping, backlink profile, keyword density, and coding. This helps us establish the tactics we need to take to eliminate fatal errors in your current design.

● Keyword Research: We use industry leading tools like Ahrefs, Brightedge, and Semrush to find the best keywords for your organic traffic strategy. Local search marketing makes use of these keywords to make you competitive in your area. We can also do advanced segmentation to separate mobile and desktop keywords, as well as Keyword GAP analysis.

● Tracking Setup: We analyze the tools you’re currently using and suggest additional “essential” measurement tools that will track and report your SEO performance with adequate analytic outputs. These produce customized, regular reports to fit each client. We can also use tools to track the user’s journey through your website.

● Next Steps: Now comes the long-term side of your local search marketing strategy. our team will strengthen your SEO effects with outreach and link building, creating long-term boosts to your online success.

What’s Included In Our Local SEO Marketing?

Our local search engine optimization service includes:

● Performing Competitive Digital Analysis: We perform a competitive digital analysis by comparing you with the competition, including GAP analysis.

✔ Create goals and corresponding SEO strategies
✔ Complete a comprehensive competitive marketing analysis to see how you stack up in comparison to your top 3-5 competitors in the SERP using data tracking tools and software
✔ Perform SEO keyword research and identify traffic-driving content for SEO localization
✔ Establish your baseline for website structure and code, then compare it with your competitors to create a sales-driving and actionable plan

● Managing Local SEO: We manage local citations or local SEO to target the most relevant customers.
✔ Manage, discover and monitor local SEO and backlinking opportunities to build up authorities
✔ Optimize your company’s social media listings for local SEO best practices
✔ Optimize your Google My Business account for your business address, business hours, maps, etc.
✔ Locate and audit existing citations across directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages etc. for local listing SEO

● Optimizing Website Code and Content: We turn your website into a paradise for search engine success.

✔ Use SEO best practices to edit your websites structure and code
✔ Make your site mobile responsive, secure, and fast
✔ Edit and optimize your existing website pages for creative content and search visibility

● Creating New Website Content: Content is key to on-site quality SEO.

✔ Improve existing SEO creative content assets
✔ Optimize and create content for voice searches and digital assistants
✔ Create quality content and implement a comprehensive, long-term blog plan

● Bespoke Outreach: We will put you at the top of your area’s online searches by going above-and-beyond any other local SEO marketing company.

✔ Fix bad referrals and broken links that are damaging your ranking.
✔ Set a monthly or quarterly outreach budget for relevant publications, making you the major player in your area.
✔ But we’re still not done. The agency will help you plan a path to success regardless of your market (Europe, North America, Asia, etc.). Our local search marketing services include the best link acquisition process, putting you ahead of the pack for years to come.

We Will Help You Succeed

WhooSEO is a local search company that is 100% focused on your success in organic search traffic. We aren’t spread thin across multiple ventures. We devote our knowledge and experience entirely to local search SEO.

We are data-driven, using research and up-to-date technology to give you the best returns. No matter your product or service, we are the local SEO firm for you. Our proven methods will enhance your reach and effectiveness online. Our services make your business the web leader in your area. When you work with our team, you get the best local SEO services in the world.

Touch base today and experience the power of SEO today. Get more details with our online SEO consultation form.

Frequently asked questions


What is local SEO vs SEO?

Typically, local SEO focuses on capturing traffic from a specific city or region. Whereas SEO is the general term used to describe the process of improving search engine result page rankings on any scale, including national or global.

How do you perform local SEO?

To perform local SEO you need to create a Google My Business Account, create pages that target a specific area, create content on local events and news stories, use location pages and geo-targeting.

Is local SEO important?

Local SEO is important for websites and businesses that wish to target a specific neighborhood or city. It can be an easy way of competing for traffic that create laser-focused content that other websites are not targeting.

Why do I need local SEO?

Local SEO is required to help a business stand out and drive highly targeted traffic. Businesses can use local SEO to target searchers that require services or products in a specific neighborhood or city. This is likely to increase the conversion rate because searchers can find what they need in their location of choice.

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO works by doing keyword research and looking for demand in specific neighborhoods and cities. Next, local SEO strategies are used such as creating geo-targeted webpages, creating content for the specific area and adding the website to local business directories.

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

The difference between SEO and local SEO is that SEO typically applies to websites that want to improve SERP rankings on any scale. Whereas local SEO is the process of improving SERPs for a specific neighborhood or city.

What does local SEO involve?

Local SEO involves improving your SERP ranking by creating geo-targeted webpages, creating a Google My Business profile, generating positive reviews from customers, creating content for local events and news, and targeting keywords that reflect local search terms.

Why does local SEO matter?

Local SEO matters because it allows businesses to target customers in a specific neighborhood or city. It increases the conversion rate because local SEO improves the relevancy of content for users that search for local keywords.

What is included in local SEO?

Local SEO involves improving SERP rankings to increase website traffic for local search terms. The practice involves creating a Google My Business profile, generating positive customer reviews, building NAP citations and doing keyword research to find local keywords.

How much does local SEO cost?

The cost of local SEO depends on the project size. One-time projects will be cheaper than ongoing SEO maintenance, since the latter requires regular payments. Most local SEO project costs between $500 to $3,000 per month per location & per site, the average being between $1700 to $2200 from a qualified provider. Keep in mind this may also exclude more sophisticated work.

Why local SEO is important for small business?

Local SEO is important for small businesses because it helps them stand out in a competitive marketplace. Small businesses can use local SEO to outrank bigger businesses by targeting the search terms of specific neighborhoods and cities.

What kind of business can use local SEO?

The type of business that can use local SEO is one that provides services or products in specific neighborhoods and cites. Furthermore, companies in any marketplace can use local SEO strategies to increase their SERP rankings for local search terms.

How do you know if you need local SEO?

You can figure out if local SEO is needed for your business by doing keyword research. If you notice that your customers are using local search terms that target a specific area, then you should use local SEO. Also, local SEO is required for businesses that offer products or services in specific neighborhoods and cities.

What is local SEO for small business?

Local SEO for small businesses allows them to increase SERP rankings for search terms related to specific neighborhoods and cities. Using local SEO strategies, a small business can stand out in a competitive marketplace and increase conversions for local products or services.

What is NAP SEO?

NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number. It refers to a local SEO strategy where a business enters its details on directories. This improves the business’s online presence and signals to Google that the business is relevant for a specific local area.

What do you need to know about local SEO?

Local SEO is a strategy for improving your search engine result page rankings for local search terms. This is ideal for businesses that offer products or services in a specific neighborhood or city. Also, local SEO can be used by businesses in any marketplace that rely on offering something locally.

What are the benefits of Local SEO?

The benefits of local SEO include an increase in SERP rankings for local search terms, more traffic, better conversions, less alternative advertising costs, continuous business growth, more local reviews, links with local business and long-lasting rankings.

How much does Local SEO cost?

The cost depends on the amount of work required, the competition and business location. A local SEO agency can give you a quote based on your requirements. However, expect to pay a few thousand dollars for the service.

What is a local SEO business plan?

Local SEO goes beyond keywords. It expands your online presence to multiple platforms, not just your own website. Facebook, Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, and other websites including local resources help train search engines to see your business as a local leader. You also want to garner reviews online as well as land on local directories. And you’ll always want to make sure that your Google Map citations are up-to-date. This is combined with more traditional SEO methods of link acquisition, good site design, and extensive relevant content.

What is a local search engine?

An example of a local search engine is Google My Business. You may have noticed that for local search terms results are pulled from GMB. Local search engines limit their results to entries within a limited geographic area.

What is local listing in SEO?

Local listings in SEO, also known as a citation, is an entry in a business directory with the business name, address, website and phone number. These listings can also be found on apps, social media, blogs and websites.

How do local citations help local SEO?

Citations help local SEO because it gives Google confidence that the information provided is accurate. Think of each citation as a vote, so more citations equal to better rankings in the SERPs.

How local SEO services is important for small business?

Local SEO is important for small businesses because it allows them to compete in specific neighborhoods and region. Small businesses can use local SEO to compete against bigger companies without a huge investment of resources.

How to rank better for Local SEO?

You can improve your local SEO rank by adding citations in local business directories, completing a Google My Business profile and generating customer reviews. You can also hire a professional SEO agency to complete work to improve SERP rankings for your business website.

How can Local SEO help your company?

Local SEO can help your company by increasing webpage SERP rankings, which increases traffic, sales and brand awareness. Higher SERP rankings also improves the clickthrough rate and website visibility in the SERPs.

What is local SEO in digital marketing?

Local SEO in digital marketing is a strategy that helps improve visibility on the search engines for businesses through SEO. It is mainly for businesses that have a physical location and have customers in a specific geographical area.

How to get local customers?

Traditional local advertising can get people in your area to know where you are and what you do. Billboards, newspaper ads, and other conventional means have some effectiveness. But the truth is, 70% of people search online when curious about where to go for products and services. Local SEO services for small businesses put your name in front of those interested customers. These are people who are local and currently in need of what you provide.