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Your SaaS company needs search engine optimization (SEO). Organic search engine traffic makes up 26.4% of total visits to SaaS sites, and it is the vast majority of traffic for first time visitors. WhooSEO is a SaaS SEO agency that unlocks the unlimited potential of online search traffic.
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SAAS SEO Services Can Help

SaaS SEO ranking is so important because your company services customers entirely online. Brick-and-mortar businesses and companies selling physical commodities have an entirely different pathway to success — and yet so many SEO agencies do the same thing for everybody.

We optimize your SaaS company website with the keywords and search terms that your potential customers are searching with, and we build up your brand to make platforms like Google and Bing list your website first. And we fine tune everything to fit the SaaS business model.

A staggering 70% of customers search online for the services they need. By optimizing your site with the keywords those customers are searching with, the more likely they are to find you. You also need a website specially designed to tell search engines who you are and what service you provide.

With a SaaS SEO strategy made by the professionals at WhooSEO, you can drive the online traffic that is the lifeblood of your business.

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Benefits of SEO For SaaS Companies

Greater Brand Awareness

For SaaS companies, online brand awareness is key to building a reputation that people can trust. Getting to the top of SERPs positions you as the global leader.

Make You More Competitive

Our agency gives your website a clear roadmap to make the changes needed to leave your competition in the dust.

Traffic and Conversions

64.5% of online users click on the first three results. Our SEO consulting for SaaS companies makes your product the one people see first and click on.

Authority Impacts

We create high quality content that engages people on your site and gets other high-ranking websites to link to you — all in a quick-loading and easy-to-read design.

Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

Experience amazing ROI with SEO. Social media and paid marketing are quick, but these cost a lot of money.

Real Partnerships

With WhooSEO, you can rest assured that you build the meaningful online partnerships you need to make real boosts to organic traffic.

What Is SEO for SaaS companies?

You already know that word of mouth isn’t going to take your company to the next level — especially if you are working in SaaS. As a company that sells access to software online, your online presence is crucial. And that’s what WhooSEO helps you build.

But what exactly is SEO and how can it attract customers looking for your specific products?

SEO principles adjust your online content so that search engines like Google and Bing place you first in online queries. This is a crucial element to the SaaS marketing funnel, generating leads and creating paying customers.

A strong SaaS SEO strategy includes embedding powerful search terms into the DNA of your website and creating content that will rocket your website to the top of Google. And because you deliver your product as an online service, the traffic this generates is delivered right to your storefront.

Our team embeds important information into your website, from the code all the way to the headlines. These will make your website much more visible than your competitors. We craft our process to fit your specific SaaS business strategy, getting Google and Bing to promote your brand.

A few things you should consider about SEO marketing:

✔ 68% of online experiences start with search engines, especially Google
✔ 53.33% of total website traffic comes from organic searches
✔ 70% of prospective customers search online first

How Do Our SaaS SEO Services Work?

The best SEO companies will provide:

● Site Audit: An audit helps our experts craft the exact set of tactics to help you improve design and avoid crucial errors that might exist in your code. We look at mapping, coding, current content, keyword density, and backlink profile.

● Keyword Research: We use industry leading SEO tools like Semrush, Brightedge, and Ahref. We also can carry out Keyword Gap analysis and implement advanced segmentation. Why all these sophisticated tools? Good data drives good traffic. WhooSEO carries out custom keyword research to perfect your company’s copy and content. This is a thorough project aimed at giving you the competitive edge over other companies.

● Tracking Setup: Next, we analyze the tools you’re currently using. And we produce in-depth reports for our clients. We can also use tools to track the SaaS buyer’s journey through your website. We may need to suggest additional “essential” measurement tools that will track and report your SEO performance with adequate analytic outputs.

● Next Steps: But we are only getting started. Once we implement on-page optimization, we will continue to support you and strengthen SEO effects using outreach and link building — these are the long term keys to success.

What’s Included In Our SEO SaaS Marketing?

Our SEO services include the following:

● Optimizing Website Code and Content: We turn your code and content into SEO friendly paradises for Google and Bing, called technical SEO.

✔ Edit your websites structure and code to be in-line with best SEO practices across all languages on your site
✔ Edit and optimize your existing website pages for creative content and search visibility
✔ Make your site mobile responsive, secure, and fast

● Performing Competitive Digital Analysis: We perform a competitive digital analysis by comparing you and your competitors around the world. This also features various GAP overviews.

✔ Create goals and corresponding SEO approaches to match your own in-house SaaS strategy
✔ Complete a comprehensive competitive marketing analysis to see how you stack up in comparison to your top 3-5 competitors in the SERP using data tracking tools and software
✔ Establish your baseline for website structure and code, then compare it with your competitors to create a sales-driving and actionable plan
✔ Perform SEO keyword research and identify the top driving keywords related to your services with higher search volumes

● Creating New Website Content: Stellar content gives you a competitive edge.

✔ Creating or enhance existing SEO creative content assets
✔ Optimize and create content for voice searches and digital assistants
✔ Publish targeted and well written content and implement a blog strategy

● Multi-platform SEO: The internet runs on several popular platforms that can give you organic traffic.
✔ Optimize your company’s social media listings according to best practices
✔ Locate and audit existing citations across software review sites

● Bespoke Outreach: While doing a backlink audit of your competition and yourself will help, this alone will not suffice if you are up against big competitors.

✔ Set a monthly or quarterly outreach budget for national, regional and more global publications if you want to be very competitive against major players.
✔ Fix broken links and bad referrals that can damage your ranking.
✔ We go above and beyond blind outreach with a PR provider and instead find ways to supercharge your link acquisition process.

We Will Help You Succeed

As an SEO agency for SaaS companies, we focus on organic search traffic for companies just like yours. We are purpose-built for your needs.

Our team uses data-driven research to conduct our services, leaving many SEO companies in the dust. No matter where you are or what kind of software you provide, we are able to help. Our services will increase website traffic and turn more visitors into paying customers. Connect with us & experience fast paced growth through the power of SEO. Get a free SEO evaluation by submitting an easy to complete form.

Frequently asked questions


What is SaaS SEO?

SaaS (Software as a Service) SEO involves increasing the SERP rankings of SaaS websites. The process increases the rankings of relevant search terms that the SaaS business is targeting to generate new customers.

How important is SEO in a SaaS business?

SEO is an important part of a SaaS business because it can drive many new customers to the sales page. The consistent traffic can be the lifeblood of the business that results in the exponential growth of sales.

Do all SaaS sites use pre-funnel SEO?

Not all SaaS websites use a pre funnel SEO strategy, but they should because it adds to brand awareness and will increase the conversion rate. Pre-funnel SEO involves providing a lot of upfront value in the form of educational material.

What is SaaS Digital Marketing?

SaaS digital marketing is the process of acquiring new customers for services that sell software. This includes promoting cloud-based applications through marketing efforts such as social media and SEO.

Is SaaS Digital Marketing?

SaaS is “software as a service”, which means that the product is a software that is usually hosted in the cloud. This is a product and not a form of marketing.

How do I start SaaS marketing?

You can start SaaS marketing by building your audience, starting with an early access list, letting the buyer lead the process, using a blog, increasing social media marketing, and increasing hype by engaging with the audience.

What are SaaS sales?

SaaS sales is the process of offering web-based software to clients. Once a sale is processed, then the client gets access to the software via login credentials. Cross-selling and upselling is also part of the sales process that occurs after the first sale.