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There are many reasons that your website might be dragging in the SERPs. Some are more obvious than others. That’s why you need a full website SEO audit — a process that finds every broken link, 404 error, slow loading page, and beyond.
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SEO Audits Services Help you

You’ve followed all the guidelines. You’ve checked and re-checked all your tags and keywords. Maybe you’ve even paid someone to conduct search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. But you still aren’t #1 on Google and Bing. What is going on?

WhooSEO is here to help. We do thorough website SEO analysis, also known as an SEO audit, and provide the crucial insights you need to get to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Remember, the first position on a Google search gets clicked on by 34.36% of users — that’s an incredible opportunity for your business, but only if you get to #1.

Our SEO audit service locates exactly what is hurting your ranking and how to fix it.

With these insights, you can conquer the SERPs and get search engines like Google to direct huge numbers of potential customers to your website. That’s called organic traffic, and it is made up of high-quality leads — users who are searching for the exact product or service you provide.

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Benefits of Our Website SEO Audit Services

Boost Traffic and Conversions

64.5% of online users click on the first three results in a search. Our website SEO audit puts you in the prime position for those conversions.

Make You More Competitive

An SEO audit of your website gives you a clear roadmap to make the changes needed to leave your competition in the dust.

Build It Better

Our SEO audit synthesizes information from your code to your tags to your headlines, making your website a paradise for search engines like Google and Bing.

Technical SEO Audit

This includes research into page loading times, sitemap, duplications and error codes, and other important deep-seated issues.

On Site Audit

We prepare search engines for changes and improve how well they recognize your site. Plus, we optimize voice search friendliness, keyword density, metadata tags, and more.

Off Site Audit

Our off-page audit finds the links you do have and the partners you can begin building meaningful relationships with.

What Is an SEO Site Audit?

When search engines like Google crawl your website, these programs are looking for certain factors to rank it.

You might have a beautiful design, but it loads slowly. You might have great content, but it isn’t fine-tuned with competitive keywords. You might have recently redesigned to encourage more online business, but a lot of links are broken.

It’s usually multiple factors. And whatever they are, our website SEO audit services will find them and fix them.

How Does an SEO Page Audit Work?

There are three key ways to understand your search engine performance, including both on site and off site audit processes, as well as technical SEO.

We accomplish these tasks with our team of high level and technical SEO experts using industry leading software like:
● Screaming Frog
● Google Analytics
● Google PageInsights
● SERP Simulator
● Copyscape
● Robotto
● And others

But beware, many websites offering so-called “free SEO audits” deliver you false reports meant only to funnel you into predatory pricing structures and second-rate service. You need a competent team that is up-front about the process and will be transparent with you along the way.

A few statistics to consider when thinking about the importance of a site audit:
✔ 70% of prospective customers search online first
✔ 53.33% of total web traffic comes from organic searches
✔ 68% of online experiences start with search engines, especially Google
✔ 76% of people who did a local search using their smartphones end up visiting a local business within a day

Our SEO site analysis can unlock the enormous potential of sites like Google and Bing — getting you the most out of your website.

What’s Included In Our Full SEO Audit?

Our SEO audit checklist includes:

● Performing Competitive Digital Analysis: We perform a competitive digital analysis, featuring various GAP overviews.

✔ Create goals and develop the strategies to get you where you want to be
✔ Perform SEO keyword research and identify the top short-tail and long-tail keywords related to your products and services
✔ Complete a comprehensive competitive marketing analysis to see how you stack up in comparison to your top 3-5 competitors in the SERP using data tracking tools and software
✔ Our local SEO audit creates specialized, bespoke reports to keep you competitive in the exact locations you do business in

● Technical SEO Site Audit: We inspect every single element of your online presence from the perspective of search engines like Google and Bing.

✔ Analyze your websites structure and code and compare it to SEO best practices
✔ Discover all indexing errors, duplicated content, broken links, and other technical problems
✔ Test page load speeds and voice search friendliness
✔ Conduct a mobile SEO audit
✔ Analyze your robots.txt file and find the best ways to improve it

● SEO Content Audit: Great content is the single best way to produce long lasting results.

✔ Test and compare all metatags, keywords, and headlines — creating a list of the best alternatives
✔ Scrutinize all content to eliminate low-quality posts and “thin” pages, and craft a strategy to replace them with super-sharable content

● Off-site and Ongoing Tactics: A complete site audit doesn’t just happen on your site, and improving your off-site presence is a great way to direct new traffic to your business.

✔ Find and analyze all off-site mentions of your brand using high-performance software
✔ Conduct a complete SEO backlink audit
✔ Develop and expand lists of potential partners for quality backlink creation
✔ Analyze competitors to find new ways to compete for coveted positions off-site

Get the Best SEO Audit Today

WhooSEO is an SEO audit agency with the experience and data-driven strategies to improve your performance on search engines.

By using our comprehensive SEO analysis, you begin your journey to conquering search engine rankings and unleashing the power of sites like Google. Talk to us by requesting a complimentary SEO consultation, to begin your SEO audit and website analysis with the leader in the business!

Frequently asked questions


What happens in SEO audit?

An SEO audit is the process of evaluating a website to discover the quality of the SERP rankings for target keywords. SEO audits allow websites to determine the weak areas that require further work to increase rankings.

What is SEO audit Checklist?

The SEO audit checklist is a list of steps that allows the technical aspects of a website to be examined. Different webpages are evaluated to see how well they rank in the search engines.

What does an SEO audit include?

The process of an SEO audit includes crawling the website, performing manual google searches, ensuring only one website version is searchable, executing on-page checks, checking site speed and doing a backlink audit.

What is an SEO audit and why is it important?

An SEO audit checks the quality of webpage rankings and it is important for spotting the parts of the website that is underperforming. A plan can be created to improve the SERP rankings for specific search terms based on the audit.

Is an SEO audit worth it?

An SEO audit is worth the investment because it can help improve the ranking of webpages, which results in more customers. The cost of an SEO audit can pay for itself and lead to extra sales, so it is a financially good move.

How do you do an SEO audit?

You can do an SEO audit by running manual searches and doing an on-page technical assessment. You can also check the site speed and look at off-site SEO. Finally, internal and external links should be analyzed.

Why You Need an SEO audit?

You need an SEO audit to spot webpages that have poor SEO performance and could be improved upon. It is a required step to create an SEO plan that enables you to focus on areas that need extra work to increase SERP rankings.

What is SEO technical audit?

The technical SEO audit involves evaluating the technical aspects of a website’s SEO. This means paying attention to the small details of a website such as the URL structure, metadata and website metrics.

How do you do SEO analysis?

You can do an SEO analysis by checking URLs, meta descriptions, Google visibility, evaluating incoming links, analyzing the spam score, checking internal links, investigating broken links and analyzing website content.

What is SEO assessment?

SEO analysis involves taking a closer look at the website parameters to check how well optimized they are for competition in the search engines. It can include looking at the website’s technical aspects and the content to evaluate keywords.

How often should you get a SEO audit?

It is a good idea to get an SEO audit periodically to assess what improvements have been made. Consider ordering an SEO audit every 3 to 6 months based on how much resources you have to spend on SEO.

What should be included in a SEO audit?

The SEO audit should cover the most important aspects such as the website content structure, keyword use, user experience, metadata and page copy theme analysis. You can also include off-site SEO audits such as evaluating the backlink profile.

How to do your own 5-minute SEO audit?

You can do a 5-minute SEO audit of your website by following a list of steps that explain what is included in the SEO audit. To save time you should focus on the most important SEO audit steps such as checking website structure and manually searching for target keywords.

Why is it important to perform a SEO audit?

SEO audits are required to create a meaningful SEO plan to boost search engine rankings. SEO audits can help webmasters spot poorly performing web pages and find out why they are not ranking.

What exactly is a manual SEO audit?

A manual SEO audit will review a website and provide recommendations for improvements to increase SERP rankings. The recommendations to make specific changes can be included in an SEO plan.

How to do a mobile SEO audit?

To execute a mobile SEO audit, you need to analyze your mobile traffic, assess if your website is mobile-friendly, determine if the website is using the Google Search Console and spot keywords that have poor rankings.

How much does a SEO audit cost?

The cost of the SEO audit will depend on the size of the website that requires the work. However, in most cases it will cost around $600 to $15,000 which covers the range of small business to enterprise level. Keep in mind that the size of a site, how many categories it has and how many languages it offers can influence the final cost.