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WhooSEO is a French SEO company providing proven results. We have the experience and knowledge to boost sales no matter what French language region you do business in. Even if you are just entering a French language market or all of your business takes place in French, we can give you the edge over your competition.
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More than 70% of customers start looking for a product or service by searching the web. If your search engine results pages (SERPs) place you at the top of Google or Bing, you will be the first company these customers see. Let [Agency Name] take you there with our proven techniques for internet marketing in French.

WhooSEO is a leader in search engine optimization (SEO) in French, bringing dependable traffic to your online platform. Your company serves French-language markets. So, you want a website that delivers powerful results for French speakers.

Unfortunately, most SEO services are not able to work outside of a single language, usually English. And even when they do work in French, they rarely appreciate the differences between markets that speak the language. They’ll often think in terms of France only, disregarding Switzerland, Belgium, Quebec, and emerging francophone markets in Africa.

And if you are beginning to engage with large French language markets, we can get you established and set you up for success. Non-English markets can tap into large numbers of customers and sometimes present fewer competitors. French SEO can get you started!

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French SEO Best Practices

Greater Brand Awareness

To be a success, your company needs brand awareness. French SEO services reliably place you at the top of search engine results in the regions you need to be.

Build It Better

Our services check everything from your code to your tags to your headlines, making your website a paradise for search engines like Google and Bing.

Authority Impacts

Our digital marketing agency will give you more than a few keywords to put on your blog. You need high quality content that keeps users engaged and sharing on other sites.

Traffic and Conversions

The biggest advantage to French website SEO is high internet traffic and conversions. 64.5% of online users click on the first three results. That could be you.

Make You More Competitive

Our agency gives your website a clear roadmap to make the changes needed to leave your competition in the dust.

Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

French SEO consultancy gets a higher ROI than traditional marketing — that means high quality traffic at much lower rates than a French ad agency.

What Is SEO in French?

SEO tweaks your online content and expands its presence across multiple platforms to make your website more visible in online searches.

French SEO unites several strategies and processes that puts your website at the top of search engine rankings, and it does so with a focus on French language users. Simple transliteration is not enough!

French GDP per capita has been steadily rising since 2009, and emerging markets in Africa represent astonishing possibilities for growth. All in all, 275 million people speak French around the world. And yet, few companies create content for French speakers. And when they do, they usually simply translate from the original language. To succeed in French SEO — simple translation is a recipe for failure.

There aren’t just language-specific tactics, but culture-specific considerations as well. We go beyond aping ad agencies in Paris, making sure to match all of your content to the exact markets you are targeting.

To do this, adding in a bunch of French keywords on a blog isn’t enough. WhooSEO’s French SEO services are the best in the business because we have a proven approach to make qualified conversions in the specific regions and cultures you want to excel in.

Some important information on SEO marketing:
✔ 53.33% of total website traffic comes from organic searches
✔ 68% of online experiences start with search engines, especially Google — no matter their first language
✔ 70% of prospective customers search online first
✔ 76% of people who did a local search using their smartphones end up visiting a local business within a day

French SEO Best Practices

At a minimum, the best French SEO strategy should provide:

● Site Audit: We analyze current content, mapping, coding, backlink profile and keyword density so that we can flag all potential issues and strengths. This helps us create a suite of SEO tactics and also helps you avoid fatal errors in design.

● Keyword Research: Keyword research drives your organic traffic efforts. At WhooSEO, we do keyword research to find out the best SEO keywords for your company. We use industry leading SEO tools, like Ahrefs, Brightedge, and Semrush. We can also do advanced segmentation to separate mobile and desktop keywords, as well as Keyword GAP analysis.

● Tracking Setup: Next, we produce customized, regular reports to fit the client. We do this by first analyzing the tools you’re currently using. We may need to suggest additional “essential” measurement tools that will track and report your SEO performance with adequate analytic outputs. We can also track the user’s journey through your website.

● Next Steps: Once we have our on-page optimization strategy, we are ready to think long-term. As the site progresses, we will continue to support you to strengthen your SEO effects with outreach and link building, creating ongoing boosts to your online success. Guest blogging for websites based in France and other French speaking areas might be a part of this process.

How to do French SEO?

Just like any SEO company in France, everything we do will be specifically crafted to French content. Our SEO services for French companies could include the following:

● Performing Competitive Digital Analysis: We compare you and your competitors with advanced digital analysis.

✔ Complete a comprehensive competitive marketing analysis to see how you stack up in comparison to your top 3-5 competitors in the SERP using data tracking tools and software
✔ Create goals and corresponding SEO strategies
✔ Perform SEO keyword research in every relevant language and identify the top driving keywords with higher search volumes
✔ Establish your baseline for website structure and code, then compare it with your competitors to create a sales-driving and actionable plan

● Optimizing Website Code and Content: We optimize your website code and content to make it SEO friendly.

✔ Edit your website’s structure and code to be in-line with best SEO practices
✔ Make your site mobile responsive, secure, and fast
✔ Edit and optimize your existing website pages for creative content and search visibility

● Creating New Website Content: In order to make you outperform your competitors, we create new website content with creators fluent in French.

✔ Creating or enhance existing SEO creative content assets
✔ Publish targeted and well written content and implement a blog strategy
✔ Optimize and create content for voice searches and digital assistants

● Managing Local SEO: We also create a regional SEO strategy for every area you’re in.
✔ Optimize your company’s social media listings for local SEO best practices
✔ Optimize your Google My Business account for your business address, business hours, maps, etc.
✔ Locate and audit existing citations across directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages etc.
✔ Manage, discover and monitor local SEO and backlinking opportunities to build up authorities

● Bespoke Outreach: While doing a backlink audit of your competition and yourself will help, this alone will not suffice if you are up against big competitors.

✔ Fix broken links and bad referrals — these can damage your ranking
✔ Create an outreach budget and timeline for a range of publications
✔ Our team will help you plan a path to success tailored to fit markets around the globe. We put your website through a link acquisition process, ensuring long term, dependable results.

We Will Help You Succeed

The agency’s French SEO services are focused on bringing your website organic search traffic in the precise areas you do business in. We are like your SEO agency in Paris, Montreal, or elsewhere. We are entirely committed to digital marketing in French, and we want to put our expertise and experience to work for you.

Our data-driven team has the know-how to make winning strategies for marketing in multiple French language regions because we’ve done it before. We don’t have to adapt our experience to French SEO — our experience is French SEO. Whether your company is large or small, does business in Europe, Canada, Africa or elsewhere, WhooSEO is the French SEO agency for you.

Contact us for any general question or better yet request a free SEO consultation and let’s start supercharging your business with SEO!

Frequently asked questions


How to market your business in France?

You can start by understanding your ideal customers and marketing your business through platforms that will help you reach your ideal customers. Local newspapers, magazines, and digital marketing are some of the most successful ways to reach the French audience. You can also ensure a strong web presence and do local SEO to get more customers.

Which search engine is the best in France?

Currently, Google is the most popular search engine in France with a market share of 92%. Bing holds second place with a 4% share of the search market, and Yahoo comes third holding a 1.4% share of the market.

Can you use French in advertising in France?

Yes, you can use French to advertise in France. In fact, according to the Toubon law of 1994, French should always be used as the language of publicity and advertising in France. Ads in other languages should only be used with accompanying French translations or subtitles.

How to make your product or service stand out in France?

The best way to make your product or service stand out in France is to design it according to the local market’s needs. Smart positioning and a compelling value proposition accompanied by good marketing will help you stand out in France.

Is digital marketing in demand in France?

Digital marketing is in high demand in France. With 68% of the population being active internet users, companies are actively investing in digital marketing to improve brand recognition and increase the customer base.

How to market your business in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, over 93% of the population uses the internet. 63% of the population speak German, while 22.7% speak French. To effectively market your business in Switzerland, you have to build an online presence and run targeted SEO and digital marketing campaigns by segmenting your audience based on those two languages.

What languages can be used for marketing in Switzerland?

Your main focus should be French & German, in order to effectively market your business in Switzerland. The majority of the population speaks one of these 2 official languages, so you can segment your audience based on their language and location to improve your marketing ROI. There’s also a small minority who speak Italian or Romansh.

Is Belgium’s e-commerce market saturated?

Belgium is the 28th largest e-commerce market globally; it is also a growing e-commerce market. Some of the market segments, like fashion and electronics, are moderately saturated. But with compelling positioning, effective marketing, and a solid online presence, new businesses can also thrive in the Belgian e-commerce market.

Is it too late for Belgian e-commerce?

Belgium still has a thriving e-commerce market. It is actually the 28th largest market for e-commerce, with annual revenue of US$8 billion. New businesses can capture market share in the Belgian e-commerce market with excellent positioning, SEO, and digital marketing strategies.

Is there an abundance of fake SEO in Quebec?

Fake SEOs are everywhere, and it is necessary to make sure you are dealing with an experienced SEO professional who uses only effective SEO techniques. Black hat SEO can get your website to the first page of Google, but you’ll soon be penalized by Google, and all your SEO investments will go in vain.