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You run a small business. You need local customers to know who you are and what you do. Small business search engine optimization (SEO) brings you those customers through the power of sites like Google and Bing. WhooSEO specializes in small business SEO, giving you reliable and relevant traffic.
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Small Business SEO Services Can Help

Small business SEO services like ours are required in the world today. Competitors are racing to be the first in search engine results (SERPs). To stay competitive, your website needs the kind of SEO expertise that we provide.

That’s because over 70% of customers will begin their shopping with an online search, trying to find the store and services in their area. WhooSEO’s powerful SEO plans for small businesses will optimize your web presence to make your company the first one that people in your area see when searching online.

Whether your small business is a new startup or a family legacy, we have the experience to bring you organic online traffic.

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Why SEO Is Important for Small Business

Make You More Competitive

Our agency gives your website a clear roadmap to make the changes needed to leave your competition in the dust.

Real Partnerships

With our small business SEO, you can rest assured that you build the meaningful online partnerships you need to make real boosts to organic traffic.

Traffic and Conversions

64.5% of people click on one of the first three links. Our SEO packages for small businesses put our clients there. We use the most effective and proven methods.

Authority Impacts

WhooSEO’s website packages for small businesses create content that attracts more potential customers and gets them buying your products and services.

Greater Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is important for businesses of any size and scope. With SEO, we place your brand in strong positions on the web’s biggest sites.

Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

There are a lot of ways to promote your company. But good marketing strategies for small businesses should always bring you a high ROI — just like SEO.

What Is SEO For Small Business?

In previous decades, word of mouth might have been enough for some small businesses. That isn’t the world today. You need a powerful online presence, which means you need a small business SEO company to get you there.

But what exactly is SEO? It’s a collection of online marketing strategies for small businesses that make your site show up first on web search platforms like Google or Bing. That means customers are more likely to click your link.

WhooSEO knows how to put effective search terms and content into the very code of your website. We can also help guide content that will put you at the top of Google.

That’s good but it still isn’t enough. We also perform a full spectrum online marketing strategy to give you results in the long term.

Some things you should know about small business SEO:

✔ 76% of people who did a local search using their smartphones end up visiting a local business within a day
✔ 70% of prospective customers search online first
✔ 68% of online experiences start with search engines, especially Google
✔ 53.33% of total web traffic comes from organic searches

How Do Our Small Business SEO Services Work?

An SEO strategy for small business begins with:

● Site Audit: Here we take a look at your current website, finding any errors or flaws in the design that could be hurting you. We breakdown everything from the coding and mapping, to content and keyword density. Then, we know what strengths we can emphasize and weaknesses we can solve.

● Keyword Research: Keyword research locates the best terms to build into your website, always crafted to your exact needs. We look at your competitors and successful businesses like yours in similar areas. We do this with the best tools in the industry, like: Ahrefs, Brightedge, and Semrush. We also run a Keyword GAP analysis.

● Tracking Setup: We then look at the tools you’re already using and add in new measurement tools to gauge your online web search performance. That means you can see how user’s are moving through your website as well as other important data. These come in custom reports to match your exact needs.

● Next Steps: But we’re just getting started. Our small business SEO agency continues to support your small business website needs with link building through outreach to high authority sites. This will ensure success for years to come.

What’s Included In Our Small Business SEO Marketing?

Our SEO packages for small business include:

● Performing Competitive Digital Analysis: We give you the competitive edge with multiple metrics.

✔ Create goals and strategies
✔ Comprehensive analysis of your top 3-5 competitors in the SERP using data tracking tools and software
✔ Perform SEO keyword research in your market, identifying the top driving keywords related to your services with higher search volumes
✔ Establish a baseline for website structure and code, then compare it with your competitors to create a sales-driving and actionable plan

● Managing Local SEO: We manage local citations or local SEO — a must-have for small businesses
✔ Locate and audit existing citations across directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages etc.
✔ Optimize your company’s social media listings for local SEO best practices
✔ Optimize your Google my business account for your business address, business hours, maps, etc.
✔ Manage, discover and monitor local SEO and backlinking opportunities to build up authorities

● Optimizing Website Code and Content: We make your code and content align with your SEO goals
✔ Edit your websites structure and code to be in-line with SEO best practices
✔ Make your site mobile responsive, secure, and fast
✔ Edit and optimize your existing website pages for creative content and search visibility

● Creating New Website Content: In order to make you outperform your competitors, we create new website content.

✔ Publish targeted and well written content and implement a blog strategy
✔ Optimize and create content for voice searches and digital assistants
✔ Create or enhance existing SEO creative content assets

● Bespoke Outreach: The top SEO for small business will go the extra mile.

✔ Fix broken links and bad referrals that can damage your ranking.
✔ Set outreach budgets for relevant publications to superpower your online authority.
✔ WhooSEO will hand you a path to success no matter your region around the globe. We carry out an extensive link acquisition process.

We Will Help You Succeed

Unlike many service providers, at WhooSEO, we are exclusively focused on organic search. By using this approach, we aren’t spread across several verticals. That focus and well-earned experience makes us the most dedicated SEO firm.

WhooSEO is the leading SEO company for small businesses because we are exclusively focused on organic search traffic. This approach gives us well-earned experience.

The importance of SEO for small businesses drives our passion. We use smart data and our wealth of experience to deliver you traffic. No matter how large or small, no matter what service or product you provide, we are here to help. Our bespoke service will enhance your reach and effectiveness. Our team can take your company to the next level. WhooSEO company turns any smartphone or computer search in your community into a billboard for your brand.

Ask about our SEO consultation and experience the power of the best SEO services for small business.

Frequently asked questions


Is SEO good for small business?

SEO is good for small businesses because it can be a powerful way of generating consistent traffic that results in many sales. Most customers use search engines before buying, which means having search visibility is important for small businesses.

How do small businesses do SEO?

Small businesses do SEO by looking for low competition keywords that have good traffic. The keywords must have an active purchase intent to generate sales. Small businesses can compete with market leaders by focusing on low competition keywords.

What is the best SEO for a small business?

The best SEO for small businesses involves getting a return on the investment. This includes going after unique keywords and publishing high quality content that places them as an authority in the field. Also, a user-friendly website will increase SEO because on-page metrics such as bounce rate improves.

How much should a small business pay for SEO?

A small business should pay for SEO what will be within their budget. On average a small business can expect to pay around $500 to $4,000 per month. It really depends on the website size and amount of work that is required and scale of market.

What should be the cost of SEO services for small business?

The cost of SEO services for a small business should be competitive because they will have a limited marketing budget. One-time projects could be around $3,000-$7,000, while a monthly arrangement will be cheaper.

What is the best SEO for a small business?

The best SEO for a small business includes looking at the website structure and content strategy. Focus should be on looking for unique keywords with good search volume and low competition. Also, link building from high-quality websites must be a priority.

Why do small businesses need SEO?

Small businesses need SEO to increase website traffic and generate new customers. It is a good strategy for competing against market leaders by going after long-tail keywords. Also, SEO can bring in a steady stream of traffic for the long-term, which will allow small businesses to grow.

Does SEO even work for small businesses?

Yes, SEO works for any business size. However, if a small business has limited funds, then they need to avoid going after high competition keywords. That’s because the resources required to rank for competitive keywords can be too expensive for small businesses.

How SEO can help small businesses?

SEO helps small businesses by delivering a flood of traffic that can last for months or years. It allows businesses to generate new customers and sales, which means they will not go bankrupt.

How much does SEO cost for small businesses?

The cost of SEO for small businesses depends on the website size and the number of keywords that they want to target. The price increases when the keyword competition is higher since more work will be required.